Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tuesday Challenge: A-Z of Me

I saw this challenge over on Sarah Lou's blog, and had nothing better to do so I decided to give it a shot. I always find these type of posts interesting when I see them on other blogs, but they're harder to put together than they seem!

I give you the A-Z of me...

Age: 27

Bed Size: Sadly because I still live at home and don't have much room, I only have a single. As soon as I can afford to over haul my space I'll be getting myself a double.

Chore you hate: Anything to do with the bathroom. It grosses me out.

Dogs: None, but my Sister has a German Shepherd called Holly who I consider my adopted pet. She's basically a Marley in German Shepherd clothing; goes hyper with excitement every time I visit as she loves me; and always curls up next to me on my feet.

Essential start to the day: Medication and a glass of orange juice.

Favourite colour: Teal, turquoise, purple, green, cobalt blue, coral, and dark red.

Gold or silver: Silver, usually.

Height: About 5'6'', I think, but I'm not certain as I haven't been measured in years.

Instruments you play: None these days. I used to play the recorder and treble in Primary School, and learnt a little on the piano in Secondary School. I'd love to learn how to play the piano fluently, though. It's on the bucket list along with learning to play the guitar.

Job title: In the contract, sales assistant, but I was unofficially managing my department, and spent the majority of my work visual merchandising. However, I've been on sick leave for over a year because of several disc injuries which have left me in constant pain with limited mobility.

Kids: None, thankfully.

Live: Somewhere in the South of England.

Mother's name: Susan (Sue).

Nicknames: Lou, Lou-Lou, Weeze ('ouise), Weezy, Weaselby (thanks, Draco Malfoy, and easily amused Sisters), Wallenby (my brother in law calls me this behind my back, again thanks to a Harry Potter movie)... I have a weird family...

Overnight hospital stays: None, that I remember.

Pet peeves: Noisy eaters. Customers who expect service whilst rudely talking on their mobile phones. Parents who let their kids run wild in shops as if it were a creche. The term 'amaze-balls'. Laziness. Bad basic spelling, and grammar. Over use of exclamation marks in a single sentance. People who interupt me (as if I don't matter) whenever I try to talk. Loud (constant) throat-clearers. Laziness. Rude people. People who pout in photographs...

Quote from a movie: " I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it. You don't know what hand you're going to get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you... to make each day count." Jack Dawson, Titanic.

Right or left-handed: Right.

Stores you love: ASOS, Dorothy Perkins, New Look, Cath Kidston, Accessorize, Inglot, Lush, The Body Shop, anywhere with a decent make up counter, AX Paris, River Island (I love their bags especially), Topshop (for accessories),  Next, Matalan, Monsoon, Selfridges, Peacocks, Paperchase...

Time you wake up: Before my back injuries? Always by 8am. Now I'm injured? Erm, I'm lucky to wake before 3pm. I've become nocturnal because the pain doesn't let me sleep.

Underwear: I love pretty underwear. A great fitting pair of matching underwear can make such a difference to any outfit, and also leaves me feeling happier, more comfortable, and that little bit more confident.

Vegetable you hate: Aubergine. The texture is horrible, and the taste is vile. I also can't stand the taste, texture, or smell of mushrooms.

What makes you run late: Hitting the snooze button too much; being unable to work out what to wear because nothing feels right on; make up disasters; and contact lense battles.

Xrays you've had: Several on my wrist when I broke it half a decade ago. I guess MRI scans on said wrist and on my back also count.

Yummy food you make: I make good desserts. My trademarks are a peanut butter chocolate cheesecake; and a blackberry, raspberry, and apple trifle. I make them for special occasions such as Christmas time. I've also mastered the perfect gooey peanut butter chocolate cookies, and red velvet cupcakes, too.

Zoo animals: Tapirs. I think they're adorable.... and they whistle! I'm a big animal lover in general, and love most animals from giraffes, to big cats, to bears, and sloths, and everything in between.

I hope some of you will have a go at this challenge, too.

Do you share any of these facts with me?


  1. I think I'll give this one a go at the weekend love learning more about you :) xx

    1. Yay, I'll look forward to reading it! Aw thanks hun xx

  2. i really love this post louise! so much thought was put into it. holly is adorable! your cupcakes look amazing! <3 i started the other challenge post you did but really struggled with it, might try this one instead :) xxx

    1. Thanks Hannah! Holly is gorgeous, but she's equally mental. I swear she's worse than Marley from Marley and Me! Those cupcakes were actually really easy to make, and I was surprised they came out okay. You should do this challenge. Would love to see it xx


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