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The Fat Girls' Closet Club

About two weeks ago, I was catching up on my blog reading, when I came across an online article dedicated to the wardrobes of ten plus size female bloggers. It featured a few of my favourite bloggers, and introduced me to some new plus size style blogs to follow, too. As I'm quite nosey and love seeing how other ladies store their fashionable things, I found it quite interesting and thought many of you would too.

Here's the link if you want to have a read.

This is the introductory quote to the article:

 "Here we will delve into the closets of ten women who have invited us into the inner sanctum of their clothing storage.

The media constantly makes jokes about women and their closets. We all know that the truth is often spoken in jest but now we get to see the different kinds of "real" closets out there as well as get the short and the sweet about how fat girls feel about their clothing storage space (s)."

I thought I might do my own take on the Q&A, and share my wardrobe with you all (again) to give you a look in to this plus size girl's little piece of heaven.  It's the place where the foundations of my self-expression are stored and collected.

Is my wardrobe organised and easily browsed, or chaotic and impossible to search?

To the untrained eye my wardrobe may look disorganised, but it is organised, and I know where to find what ever I'm looking for. The hanging section of my wardrobe is separated in to cardigans, dresses, and jumpsuits- each by hem or sleeve length. (Such as cropped cardigans together, then boyfriend cardigans etc). Underneath I have my 'fashion' tops folded in a pile, next to my cropped cardigans, and my some long sleeved cardis. The drawer underneath holds my basic tees and leggings, and now my skirts; the chest of drawers holds underwear, jeans/trousers, PJs and swimwear. And the cupboard on the landing currently stores my small collection of winter knits, some sun dresses, and my pitiful collection of shoes.

The most used area of my wardrobe:

Without out a doubt, it's the dress section which takes up three quarters of my wardrobe. I wear dresses the majority of the time.

My most loved pieces from my wardrobe:

That's a tricky one. I suppose I'm most in love with my black polka dot dress- I feel like a million dollars in it; my hummingbird print skirt- because it's the perfect skirt I feel confident in; and my black bird print maxi dress- because it's stunning and I love the shape on me.

 For a girl who wears little black, that's odd how each piece is black with a pattern!

 I also really love my cobalt blue cardigan- the colour is divine and it works with everything; my yellow polka dot dress- I love the shape, and the colour makes me feel so cheerful and summery; and my cream/navy flamingo print dress- I adore the quirky print and the great circle skirt.

My vision of the perfect wardrobe:

 I would love a beautiful dressing room all of my own with cream wall to wall storage, great lighting, and soft cream carpeting. Everything would be organised by garment or item, and each colour-coordinated, and on matching satin hangers. I would have racks and racks of beautiful (imaginary) shoes; and glass fronted cabinets with plentiful room for my bag collection. Everything would be on display for easy browsing, and admiring. There would be room for a beautiful ornate dressing table with all my nail polishes on display; comfortable seating for deciding, dressing, and chatting over a few glasses whilst getting ready to go out; and an area with a raised platform and mirrors just like in fancy bridal gown boutiques.

The wardrobe Big builds for Carrie in the first SATC movie is heavenly, so something like that would be perfect.

How often do I organize and clear out my wardrobe?

At least twice a year, or sooner if I have an event coming up and need to raise a little extra spending money, as I'll put unwanted things on ebay or sell them at a boot sale. Although, now I'm buying more sensibly I've got very few pieces I would actually part with!

My wardrobe in one word:


And a few photos...

Tops, cropped cardigans, and a few long sleeved cardis. Oh, and a jumper with a geisha doll on it.

Lots of dresses, colour, and print.

Most of my bags are stored above my wardrobe. There are two rows of them, and about forty bags gathering dust up there at the moment. I've been collecting them for about a decade.

I won't show you the drawer with the basics in, as it's pretty boring, and the other cupboard is currently a dumping ground and needs overhauling, so I'll save that for some other time, too.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my wardrobe ramblings!

How do you organise your wardrobes/closets?



  1. you're well organised here! my wardrobe is fairly organised (still dying to do some rearranging, OCD colour coding etc... it can't BE too tidy imo) but i always have to pull everything out and neatly fold it back in, arrange it etc, every once in a while because it gets so messed up when i'm deciding what to wear of a morning! >.< xxx

    1. I spent a little time on Saturday tidying it. It wasn't too bad, but I couldn't move anything so took the cropped cardigans down and folded them up to give a little more space. I like my stuff to be tidy, too. I'm dying to tackle the landing cupboard, but it's an impossible task with my back. And I make such a mess when I can work out what to wear, too. I think it's a girl thing! xx


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