Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sunday Favourites #8

I'm one of those people who loves and finds inspiration in images and quotes, and can usually be found reblogging and pinning them on Tumblr and Pinterest at least once a day. I especially love admiring great tattoos, and finding outfit inspiration, but I find inspiration in everything and my posts can be a real mash up.

Here are some of my favourites of the week...

Amazing sleeves.

Such a stunning floral sleeve! I'd quite like something like this myself.

How cute is this robin tattoo?

I've seen this picture many times before, but I can never stop admiring the pretty fifties dresses and gorgeous shoes and hair styles. I wish I could dress like this every day!

Gorgeous floral frock.

How awesome is this dress? I think it's a Russian doll print.

I love the shape of this dress and the really elegant, lady-like print.

I love this skirt and how it looks edgy with those heels and clutch.

Purple-pink hair! Gorgeous shade.

Might have to give these dotty nails a try.

A genius way of storing earrings on a cross stitch square. I like this idea!

Squirrel monkeys taking a ride on a cabybara. I don't know if this is real or photoshopped, though.

This. I spend far too much time working on my blog, and not enough time reading these days.

So cute.

And true.

Kate Winslet is such an inspiration, and has been to me since 1997 when she starred in Titanic. She always appeared to be confident in her own skin, and proud to show off her amazing curves (quite rightly!), which was a great role model to look up to as an impressionable teen. She should be proud of her figure; she's gorgeous.

I think it's important to teach kids to be comfortable in their own skin, and to love their figures, and themselves for who they are. I don't remember ever hearing anybody say they loved their body when I was growing up. Not family members, relatives, or friends. I grew up around women constantly dieting, and believing being thin was the key to happiness. We all spend so much time and energy hating our bodies because we were taught we have to be slender to be accepted in society. Why is it right to teach anybody, but especially children, that who they are, and how they look is unacceptable and disgusting? People should be taught to love themselves and accept others for who they are, because diversity is a great thing! It shouldn't matter if you're skinny, curvy, fat, tall, short, freckled, pimpled, stretch-marked, black, white, or a bloody martian. Love the skin you're in! Beauty comes in every shape and size! It'd be a boring world if we were all the same. So I love this image. #TeamKate!

Less moaning, more positivity!

True! Life is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it!



  1. I'm sure the picture with the spider monkeys is real it was in one of the news papers love all these images xx

    1. Well there you go. It's really cute! xx

  2. purple hair and 50's frocks - love! agree with k.winslett - daughters need to hear their momma say positive things, daughters think their mums are beautiful anyway x

    1. Kate Winslet has the right idea. She's very inspiring. Well, daughters look up to their Mums when they're little so I think it's important for them to grow up learning that they're beautiful at any size xx


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