Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sunday Favourites #6

It's Sunday, a day of rest for many, but also the day of the week when I like to go through my Tumblr blog and Pinterest boards, pick out my favourites images and quotes from the last seven days, and compile them all in one post to share with you lucky, lucky folks here.
I've been inspired by quite a few this week, so there are rather a lot to share, but hopefully you lovely lot will be inspired by and enjoy them as much as I have.
Favourite Images

Found through Lauren Conrad's Pinterest, this rainbow manicure has to be my most favourite picture of the week. It's been a long time since I had rainbow nails, but not for much longer! Inspired by this pin, I'm going to spend this afternoon confusing myself with ten pots of nail polish at once and hopefully painting the right colour on the right finger-nail!

Perhaps a little (a lot) more complicated than the rainbow nails, but equally amazing. I love the mix of teal and magenta.

Without a doubt the best sleeve (to my personal taste) that I've seen in a very long time. The selection of quintessentially English flowers makes me think of Alice in Wonderland. I'm not sure if I could pull off a sleeve, but I'd LOVE to have something like this on my skin for the rest of my life. <3

The love birds tattoo is adorable, and think the shading and colours used are amazing.

It's a cliche, I know, but Carrie Bradshaw is one of my favourite fictional fashionistas. I'm still that little bit obsessed with SATC, and the 'An American Girl in Paris' episodes are my firm favourites. Carrie wore some phenomenal outfits in Paris, but I think this gorgeous green skirt and blazer look was the best one of all. I can't tell you just how much I would love to own that skirt, but I will tell you I'd sell my Granny for it. Luckily for her I don't have a Granny; I have a Nana!

What to do if your name is Dita Von Teese and you drop your umbrella whilst wearing a tight pencil skirted dress in public?

Bend and snap; works every time! <3

This dress is nothing short of perfect. I adore the pattern and colour mix. Why is it not in my wardrobe?

I reblogged this image on a different day to the one above, and didn't even realise it was the same lady until I put this post together and the photos ended up next to each other! So, it wasn't my intention to post two images of the same woman, but she looks fabulous, and obviously has flawless taste. I'm in love with the shape of the dress, and of course the fantastic cherry pattern.

The print of this peter pan collared dress is just so cute! I'd so wear this!

Perfect shape, perfect pattern. In short, perfect! P.S. Did I mention the dress above is perfect?

I'm pretty much salivating over these gorgeous purple studded creepers. How amazing are they? I wish they were in my wardrobe.

Now this is what I call a statement clutch! One thing's for sure; you wouldn't have to worry about fitting your money, phone, and lipstick in this clutch. You wouldn't have to leave anything behind. This one would fit the contents of your dressing table in it with room to spare for the kitchen sink. I think it's fabulous and needs to come live with me!

I came across this pretty crocheted window valance a couple of days ago, and couldn't help thinking how unique and colourful it looked hanging over the window. I'd have never thought of doing this in a million years, but it looks awesome!

When I was younger, I associated crocheted things with elderly ladies, and would run a mile from it; but these days I actually really like the cute, colourful fabric. It has such a retro way about it. I'm going to have to teach myself to crochet a blanket one of these days...

Nobody could ever be sad with colourful flowers edged around the window! Every house needs some flowers; real or otherwise!

Probably the best crocheted blanket I've ever seen. I would love to learn how to make something similar to give some character to the house, and to curl up in style while watching a movie or reading a book. It's so pretty.

What a beautiful bear painting!

Cutest image of the week...

Yeah, 'cause kissing a raised cobra is such a sensible thing to do...

It's a kitten.. in a top hat!

I do, too, Carrie!

If I had a pound for every time somebody said to me "you don't look like the type to like/be in to/do that..." I'd be a rich lady. People are surprised to learn I like rock music, and have tattoos because apparently I don't look like the type. It always annoys me so much. Why do people think you have to look a certain way to do/like a certain thing? Never judge a book by its' cover.

This is so very true!


This goes for injuries, too. Just because somebody might look 'fine' on the surface, it doesn't mean they're not in immense pain or not struggling through every day. There are so many people who put on a brave face in public, but behind closed doors they're left to deal with something that leaves them sick, lethargic, and hopeless. What they need is support and love from family, friends and other people they know more than ever, not judgement and abandonment from people who think they're making their illnesses up.

No matter your age, anything can be done if you put your mind to it. Life isn't over until it's over. Don't waste a second!

Who, what, why, where and when.

Wise words.

Couldn't agree more.

It's important to enjoy life, learn from your mistakes, and live each day well. Smiling, listening to music, and reading books are essential to a happy life!

All apart from 'drink tea'. I don't drink tea. But I agree with the rest of the list. The simple things make life better, and manners go a very long way! 

And I shall end with that very simple message. Live, take chances, learn from your mistakes, do what makes you happy, and don't waste your life because you never know when it'll be taken away from you.



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    1. I really really want to get something similar done now! It's amazing xx

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    1. They're inspiring, aren't they?!

  3. the nails are gorgeousss! <3

    1. Probably one of my favourite nail looks ever!


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