Tuesday, 16 October 2012

ASOS/Topshop haul

It feels like Christmas has come early this year, as not only did I indulge myself yesterday on shoes and nail polishes, but today my ASOS and Topshop parcels arrived.

I still get excited when parcels come through the door; even though they're usually paid for by my own money, like today's little haul. There's nothing like diving in to a parcel, tearing open layers of plastic and tissue paper to uncover the wonders within. Sometimes the purchases are perfect, sometimes they're a disaster... the suspense from the moment I buy something to the moment it's delivered is always a killer.

On Friday I bought a few things I'd been admiring for some time through ASOS, and treated myself to a new snood from Topshop, too, after finally coming in to a little bit of money.

You'll probably remember that I was desperate to get my hands on the collar, shoes, and dress... I did mention them a fair few times in previous posts out of adoration.

So many beautiful pops of colour in one haul. I love these Autumn hues.


Fanfare, please! I FINALLY own the tartan studded River Island flatforms I've been obsessing over for the last couple of months! In fact, I'd say obsessing is an under statement. I've not been able to get these shoes out of my head and knew I had to own them by any means. And thankfully after all that devotion, I wasn't disappointed. They're gorgeous!
The tartan is bright and quilted, with ball studs capping the toes, and the flatforms have about an inch wedge at the heel. I bought a size 7, and thankfully they're the perfect fit and wide enough to fit my wide feet- although I'll need to stretch out the toes a little. I have to keep them whether I wanted to or not as a cut on my big toe opened up when I was trying them on, and let's just say it wasn't a pretty sight. They're also insanely comfortable, so I'm pleased I ordered them. I love them! They're great for just £25.00. (The heels aren't grey or scruffy like they look in these photos btw).
Next up is the mustard knit dress from ASOS. I was desperate to buy this knit dress in burgundy for the cold Winter months, but this one was on sale (for £19.00), so I thought I'd try this shade first. I didn't actually own any mustard clothes before, but I do like the shade for Autumn.
The first thing my younger sister said (before I tried it on) was 'it looks like it belongs to Maria Von Trapp.' It's much longer than it looks on the model, which makes me think the models are either giants,or the sample piece was a foot or two shorter than those made for sale. It comes to a few inches below my knee (I'm about 5'6''), which doesn't look too bad and would be great for cold days, but I'm not sure whether to have it shortened so it doesn't look frumpy. It fit wells in the arms and on top (I love the v-neck), but below the waist it's very generous and has a lot of fabric. I bought the smallest size in the range, but I would have found room to spare in a size or even two smaller if they started at smaller sizes. The dress is a very warm but thin knit which I love because I get over heated so easily, but it is a little see through in places so a light, unpatterned bra would be best with it.
I'll bring it to an OOTD soon so I can see what you think.

I'd be searching for a cute new snood for a while, and eventually chose this burgundy polka dot Topshop one. Well, you know me and polka dots... The snood is even nicer than I'd anticipated. On the website the colour looked like a very dark brownish- burgundy red, but in reality it's a much lovelier deep purple-burgundy with teal spots. The fabric is super soft, and long enough to wrap around twice without feeling too bulky. It was just £18.00, and although this colour is now sold out online, the teal version is still available. See the links at the top of this post.

Another piece I'd longed for for months was this textured bow collar from ASOS, which was £10.00. It's gorgeous, but sadly a bit too snug around my neck, which I'm a bit gutted about. I can't decide whether to return it, or whether to try to modify it and extend it with some black ribbon or elastic.

My last purchase was a white Models Own nail art pen, which I got through ASOS for just £6.00. These nail art pens are fantastic; they have a thin nail brush for painting lines and other designs, and a pen in the lid for polka dots and to do other intricate designs. I've already used it to polka dot my nails, and it was so simple to use but effective! I'll hopefully post a photo of my nails tomorrow.
Mostly I'm thrilled with my new purchases (collar aside), but I'll be taking it easy with personal treats for a little while and start Christmas shopping instead.
Which piece is your favourite?


  1. oh i fell in love with the bow collar !!

  2. great haul! it will take some convincing for me to like mustard colours on the hanger i must admit, but they do look nice on. those shoes are awesome i'm so jealous lol! and the snood is great too. today my velvet flatforms should be arriving back (i did exchange them for a 7, in topshop packaging - cheeky!) and a topshop parcel so i relate exactly to what you mean about how exciting it always is waiting for deliveries lol! oh and that bow collar is adorable! xxx

    1. Mustard isn't the most appealing colour, I agree, but it can look nice in certain styles. I'm soooo in love with these shoes. You'd look great in them! I'm so pleased I got them. I love the snood. It's so pretty. Yay for new velvet flatforms. Can't wait to see you rocking them. I still love them; maybe I need to get them for hospital exercise classes? LOL. It's always good to get something nice turn up at the door. I do love the collar. I'm going to modify it somehow so I can keep it xx

  3. Great haul! I love the collar it's a shame it's tight I think you should try to modify it xx

    1. Thanks Rachel. I think it would suffocate me by the end of a day of wearing it, but I've decided to alter it with some ribbon or fabric so I can still wear it xx


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