Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wednesday Wish List: The one with a lot of knitwear

I managed to get most of my shopping cravings out of my system this week when I splurged on shoes, and several other things I'd been coveting for months. Now that my feet have been taken care of for a while- (I also have my eye on a pair of ankle boots on ebay)-, my attention has mostly turned to cute and colourful knitwear. Well, Winter is coming up fast...
This red fairisle cardigan looks so cosy. It would be perfect over jeans or jeggings for cosying up in front of the TV or for keeping warm while taking a walk. I love the colour, and can't deny how much I love fairisle knits. I think the little dots are hearts, as well!
I already own this style of dress in two other designs, and I'm quite taken with this Autumnal looking zig zag design. The style is quite unusual, which makes for an interesting outfit, and even though there is a lot of fabric to the hips it's a 'flattering' shape because the shoulders balance the shape. I don't find it adds inches to my figure at all.
I think this is my favourite motif jumper find of the season. It's adorable! I know I need to own this jumper some how. I don't think my love of foxes will ever falter.
This beanie is yet another burgundy piece that's grabbed my attention. It looks like so warm and cosy, and would work with most casual outfits. 
When I was in New Look on Monday, I saw this studded jumper and had to stop for a closer look. It's a thin knit, with great studded detailing to the shoulders, and I instantly fell in love with it. I'd probably wear it with jeans or tucked in to skirts.
This cardigan is London themed, and has little bowler hats, coins, umbrellas, flags, and the type of lions/unicorns found on crests all over it. Amazing!
It has a polka dot bird on it- what's not to love?
After seeing this jumper in the flesh this week, my love for it only increased, and I'd love to cosy up in all these shades of red and purple when it's cold. Shades of grey? No, thanks. Just give me these shades of red and purple any day!
I think these are the shoes I had to leave behind the other day, or if not they were similar. I was really taken with a pair of burgundy slippers, but I had to say goodbye to them while I adopted four pairs of studded slippers instead. I hope to go back for them soon.
I still hope to own this polka dot number, but I have to prioritise some knitwear first.
I love my uggs, but at present I can't afford a new pair of the real deal. However, on the weekend I found this faux burgundy pair on Matalan's website, and I can't believe they're just £10.00. Of course they'll never be as good as a real pair of sheepskin boots, but they look ideal for slobbing around in.
I want this lovely teal snood for keeping warm when it's freezing outside. I imagine I could just bury my face in it and hibernate for a while.
Yep, I still have to have this cobalt blue boyfriend cardigan. I'm not giving up on it yet!
I don't really need another pair of slippers (I have four), but I can't resist the cute star print and bow, and they'd look so cute poking out from my pyjama bottoms.
I probably won't be able to own all of them, but a girl can dream.
Which piece is your favourite?



  1. OMG, Red Polka Dot bird jumper, I need this in my life!! Lovely items, as always x

    1. It would love lovely on you Linz! Buy it! Thank you xx

  2. Replies
    1. It's so cute, isn't it? I need to own it... somehow! xx

  3. so much cuteness!
    been drooling at the dottys too ^^v

    1. Everything is so cute right now! Not good for the bank balance! xx


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