Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sunday Favourites #3

Before I get in to today's post, I just wanted to say how sorry I am for the lack of posts- especially outfit posts- in recent weeks. The last few weeks have been quite a struggle for me physically, and I've spent most days in my pyjamas.

 I will try to bring you a couple of outfit posts this week, and a make up post if I can manage it. Although I have both physiotherapy and hydrotherapy tomorrow morning, which I fear may take me out of action for a whole week. I'll be out of the house for a good six hours to get to and from the hospital, which will be a herculean task (I've not been out of bed for that length of time all year). So if I'm out of action for a few days, you know why!

So this week I...
~Went to my hydrotherapy session with my legs bared in a skirt again!
~And then braved my bare legs in the Supermarket without feeling self-conscious- yay!
I think the sunshine helped, but it was liberating to feel comfortable walking around with my legs out with nobody recoiling in horror from them.
~Yesterday I marked a year of being aware of my back injuries.

I don't know how I made it through a whole year of constant pain and being confined to bed for the majority. I've tried to remain as positive and perky as possible, although there have been low moments, and a fair few hurdles. I do know that if I can get through this, I can get through anything.
This past year, my perspective has really changed. I know I wasn't living my life to the fullest a year ago, but I will never take it for granted again in the future. I want to be out there doing things I enjoy and want to do, and to just be happy. Life is far too short to be miserable and afraid to live. I owe my current level of body-confidence to my injury; if I hadn't have had so many hours to fill, I may never have stumbled across body positivity and personal style/fatshion blogs. I guess something positive can be found in the negative!

~And I've been spending most waking hours working on the blog.

I've been trying to make Polka Spots and Freckle Dots a bit more personalised, and have added tabs for my music, film, and book interests, plus my current Bucket List. I've also been trying to make images to make everything look a bit prettier. Like these...

Bands I want to see live (part of my bucket list).

 A late Summer playlist. I thought I might share playlists from time to time, as music is such a passion of mine. I make play lists for every mood, season, genre, and scenario, so thought it could be fun to share the highlights. What do you think?
The blog design is still a work in progress, but I hope you'll let me know what you think of it so far! I've got a few more plans up my sleeve, and might even attempt to hand make images to upload, instead of digitally.

I'm going to keep the rest of the post simple, and just share my favourite images of the week and a few musical favourites today. I hope you enjoy.

 Favourite Images of the Week


Lorry Newhouse S/S 2013. How beautiful is the dress on the right? I love the shape of the skirt and texture of the fabric. The dress on the left is really pretty, too.

I know so many ladies feel too self-conscious to wear the clothes they'd really like to wear because of their size, shape, or weight. I really believe we should all be able to wear what we want and feel like a million dollars without being judged negatively. We can all look good in fashionable clothes at any size or shape. I say wear what ever you want to wear- feminine, masculine, or anything in between and don't let anyone stop you!

How pretty is this lovely purple and teal paisley tattoo?

I'm not sure how old this image of Kirsten Dunst is, but she really rocks the horizontal monochrome stripes! The shape of the dress is perfect and I love how she's broken up the monochrome with a pop of colour by using a belt.

This is just the sort of thing I need to do! I often had a concert fund at any given time, and I need to start one up again!

I had to reblog this image, even though I've seen it before in the past; it's just so cute! Is he cooling down? Does he love the watermelon? Or is he listening for the ocean? Who knows!

A few nights ago I was trying to help find my best friend a maxi dress for an upcoming wedding over the net. Now my best friend isn't girlie in the slightest, so this was a monumental moment- I felt like I was helping her find a wedding dress! God knows how I'll actually feel when that day comes! I searched and suggested dresses from about thirty stores, few of which she liked, but while looking I came across this beautiful Pin Up Girl Clothing dress that I love and want to add to my own wardrobe. it's so pretty! I so badly want to own so many of PUGC's dresses.

I've never understood why red heads have always been a target for so much teasing and bullying because of their hair colour- I think red hair is beautiful! I always felt that with my colouring and millions of freckles I was meant to be a red head and I would have loved to be. I love this lady's colour, waves, plait, and fringe.

And I love this hair style, and the blue flowers in her hair.
 I saw this on Pinterest for organising an office drawer, which is ingenious, and I think it would work equally well for hair accessories, and other jewellery and bits and bobs in the dressing table.

 Often we're too afraid of what other people think of us and our interests that we don't do enough of what we love. But if it makes us happy, what is the harm? We're all unique and the things we love make us who we are. Our lives should be more about doing things we love than having to do things that make us unhappy.

Before I injured my back, I was stuck in a rut and wasn't living much of a happy life. I think I was expecting fate to eventually guide me to a better life, when really I needed to make things happen myself. The last year has really opened my eyes, and when I'm recovered I'm going to make that change so in ten years I will be happy!

I just thought this was a beautifully written sentence.

What I've Been Buying

I haven't made many purchases this past week, apart from two nail polishes and the new Ronan Keating album 'Fires' as I'm now penniless for another week. Although my Sister bought me these home from Paris...

Nutella dipper things (yum!), and Mike Wazowski! We used to get these Nutella treats when we holidayed in Royan when we were younger, and they're so good but sadly you can't get them in England. Do any of you eighties/nineties kids remember the equivalent we had in little blue pots growing up? And as for Mike Wazowski- he's awesome! I love Disney and Pixar films and Monsters Inc is one of my favourites.

I bought a Collection Hot Looks 60 second metallic teal nail polish in Bongo Beat, and a dark aqua Rimmel 60 Seconds polish in Sky High. They're both fast drying and give good coverage with just one or two coats. I've never used Collection products before, but I was impressed with it. The Rimmel polish is my new favourite.

On the iPod this Week

Fires is my favourite album of the week; it's the perfect mature pop album. So few singers can get pop right, but Ronan always exceeds my expectations. It has a good mix of up tempo and slower numbers, and some beautiful photos of Ronan and his tattoos in the sleeve. Album heaven!

 Favourite (non-Ronan) Song of the Week
Kings of Leon- California Waiting

I lost some of my music when my laptop broke last year, and this version of California Waiting was one of the songs I lost. I have the version from Youth and Young Manhood, but the Holy Roller Novocaine EP version was lost and in my opinion it's the better version. I downloaded it mid week and have given it a few plays. It's a great song to play when the sun is shining!
I'm going to leave it there for today as this is getting very long, and I need to try to wind down so I get some sleep. I don't often fall asleep til 6am, but tomorrow I have to leave for the hospital at 7am... it's going to be interesting if I fall asleep when I normally do! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Louise x


  1. go you, louise! bust those legs out wherever you go :D
    so many inspiring things in this post, love it all and reblogged half of it on tumblr ha xxx

    1. I think it's getting a bit cold for that now! But I'm pleased I've made a little progress. Haha! Hard not to reblog these images xx

  2. Yay for bare legs :) I hope everything goes well tomorrow don't worry about less ootd I'm sure we all understand I don't mind if it's all words I just enjoy you and your blog xx

    1. Thanks hun. It was okay, but rather stressful, and I've not been able to move since. Aw you're so lovely to say that Rachel- thank you! I always look forward to your posts and comments :). I've ordered a couple of dresses today so hopefully I'll be able to post about them soon. xx

  3. wow!! You have been busy!! And all this amazing confident leg baring?!?! SO SO SOOOO awesome to hear!! xx

    1. I try my best! Haha. Thanks so much! It's a step in the right direction anyway! xx

  4. First of all I must say that I love your blog, and I have followed you :) Secondly red hair like that is absolutely stunning, genuinely want my hair that colour! Cannot understand at all why people feel the need to pick on those that have this lovely colour hair! Thirdly I cannot agree more with the quote about being happy, it is exactly what I am choosing to live by right now, and so should everyone :). And last of all OMG Mike Wazowski, I absolutely loveeeee Monsters Inc!!! And good on ya girl for getting your legs out :)

    Love Becky xxx

    1. Thank you so much Becky! I wanted my hair that colour, too, but ginger dye just turned red on my hair. Good for you for choosing the happy way of living! It's a waste to spend a life being miserable. And high five for liking Monsters Inc, too! Thank you :)

    2. Your welcome :) Thanks for following xx


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