Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday Favourites #2

It's Sunday which means it's time for a summary of my high-lights and favourite things of the week.

This Week I...

 -Stepped foot in to Matalan for the first time.
-Had to restrain myself from buying half of Matalan's stock.
-Got creative with organising my dressing table and came home with a cutlery organiser, bread basket, and tea light holder (more on that another day).
 -Spend pretty much all my income in two days on said clothes, accessories, and dressing table organisers.

What I've Been Buying

-Several things from Matalan; see yesterday's post.
-And I've also picked up a few things to organise my dressing table, which I will show you in another post.

Favourite Garment or Outfit

Definitely the new polka dot asymmetric Matalan dress from yesterday's OOTD.

Favourite Shoes

I really love these red polka dot Cath Kidston shoes!

Favourite Bag

My lovely striped River Island satchel has been getting the love it deserves this week. I bought this last December, but of course I haven't been able to use it much.

Favourite Accessories

Matalan Pearls!

Favourite Songs

Kings of Leon- Pyro

This week I've been playing Pyro by Kings of Leon again and again. Pyro is one of my favourite Kings of Leon songs; it literally brings me out in goosebumps every time I play it. I could listen to Caleb Followill sing with his gorgeous gravelly Southern voice all day! The music is beautiful, too, and it's such a powerful, yet melancholy song. Just read these lyrics...

All the black inside me
Is slowly seeping from the bone
Everything I cherish
Is slowly dying, or it's gone

The video is set in a dingy bar with people drowning their sorrows, and it shows the people with a weight on their shoulders rising up in to the air, as if the alcohol has helped them to leave their troubles behind. But that's just what I personally see when I watch it.

Ronan Keating- Fires

I've also been playing Ronan Keating's new single 'Fires' quite a bit. As you've heard several times, I've been a big fan of him since I was nine years old way back in 1994, and this is the one bit of pop music I love to listen to. This is the first single off his new album, and it's a fantastic upbeat pop tune. If I ever have a movie made about me, I'd have this song for the dramatic, life changing moment at the end! It's openly a tune about a new stage in his life, and putting his mistakes and the bad times behind him. Keep going, you can get through this, you're not alone. Inspiring lyrics for my situation right now!

I wish that I could fight the world for you
I'm always on your side
If I could trade places, you know I would

Hold on
Don't let go
Just stay on that road in that heartbeat
You're not alone in the dark, can you see me

Plus there's two Ronans in the video which will never be anything but a good thing!

Favourite Album

Ronan Keating- Fires

Okay, it's not officially out in the UK until tomorrow, but I got hold of a copy yesterday and haven't stopped playing it since. It's Ronan's first solo studio album in six years, and it's full of beautiful songs from start to finish- and they keep making me cry. This man has the most beautiful voice in the world (no, I'm not just being biased), and if you're a pop fan, this is the album for you!
I'll stop with the Ronan plugging now- I promise!

I've Been Watching...

This week it's been all about the Lost box set. I watched Lost religiously when it was on TV, and collected the box sets as they came out. I recently started working my way through them again, and I'm back around to series 3 right now. Though my DVD player has decided to stop playing anything at all now so it's teleshopping channels for me when I'm still awake at 4am.

Favourite Images of the Week


No words are really needed for the above advert.
May I have all these shoes and bags, please?
I know the pastel palettes are making way for deeper tones, but I love this coral and blue eye make up look.

This image is from Georgina's blog Cupcakes Clothes, and I just love how she displays all her things. I really love these nail polish racks on the wall, and would love to do something similar.

I think the idea of filing clothes horizontally is such a genius idea! Everything fits in, and you get to see every garment without making a mess from rummaging.

How about a pool for your master bathroom?! Err, yes please! This is amazing!

Favourite Quotes

So there you have it; those are my favourite things of the week. I hope you've enjoyed reading!

I hope you've all been having a lovely weekend. I'm off to get myself prepared for tomorrow's hydrotherapy session.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Glad you managed to get our and about that's great :) loving you post xx

  2. Thanks, it was great to get out of the cell for a while! Aw thank you xx

  3. looks like you've had an awesome week. that shampoo picture made me want to cry.. xxx

    1. I don't understand why people can justify animal cruelty for beauty. Surely it isn't really needed in this day and age! xx

  4. Wow some amazing pictures! I love the blue/coral eyes.

    Follow back?

    1. I wish I'd discovered the blue/coral eyes back in the spring! I'll go check out your blog now!

  5. dotty shoes! yes please and a waterfall in the bathroom? surely its a minimum requirement for essential living! x

    1. I would think it should be an essential on the list of anyone searching for a new home!


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