Sunday, 2 September 2012

Shopping Haul Saturday

A few days ago, I cut my tethers and managed to escape from a particular nasty bout of cabin fever... well, for a few hours, at least. I set out with a purpose, which was something I hadn't been able to do much of over the last year- to set foot in a real, live clothes shop! To be specific, I went to Matalan with my Mum.

Matalan is a shop that I had never visited before! I've made several Internet purchases from them, but I'd never stumbled across a bricks and mortar store in the high streets I frequently shopped. I find their website a little uninspiring and it really doesn't show off the products to their full potential, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a huge shop full of beautiful clothes and accessories. So many of the things I didn't give a second thought to online were stunning in the flesh.

I'd missed being able to touch fabrics, admire details and colour, and the ability to stumble upon something that caught my eye. I'm surprised at how quickly my old shopping habits returned, though. I grabbed a dress I liked, tried it on, loved the style, and bought it without a second thought! I also added a few accessories to the basket without giving myself time to decide if I really needed them. While when shopping from home, I always step back and think about it and choose whatever I love or need most depending on my budget. I guess old habits never really die in the end!

Anyway, I came home with a few things, but I'll start with the dress...

Apologies for pasty faced me... I really should put my face on. I'm scaring myself! (And the belt should've been tightened, too).

Now, I know what you're thinking: 'wow, a polka dot dress! I've never seen Louise wear one of those before...' In my defence, it just leapt in to my hand as I neared the changing room, I swear! It was love at first sight, fit like a dream, and cost the pocket friendly sum of £18 (which included this black belt)! It was only as I tried this little lined, chiffon number on that I realised it was in fact an asymmetric dress...

And I love that about it!

I couldn't get a decent photo of the back, so I've tried to disguise that with a collage and filter.

Today, I dressed it with black leggings and a pink cropped cardigan, with a pair of gold sandals, and His Royal Highness below.

I can't get enough of the Frog Prince Ring. He's too pretty to forget about.

I've had these sandals since last Summer. They're nothing special, but they fit my wide feet, and let me pretend I'm barefoot (which I love to be).

Dress: Matalan
Belt: Matalan (came with the dress)
Leggings: New Look
Cardigan: New Look
Sandals: Evans
Ring: ASOS

My main reason for visiting Matalan was to hunt down some cardigans I'd set my sights on...

You may recognise the style- they're the exact same design as my cobalt blue cardigan from my last OOTD. I picked up these three colours, which means I now have the whole set. I just know these are going to be worn to death this Autumn/Winter. They're super soft, and the mother-of-pearl buttons are a nice touch for a £10 cardi! If you need some new cardis, then I'd recommend you head to Matalan for these!

This cute (not-so)-little gecko ring somehow tip-toed in to my shopping basket. My Mum had actually given me a similar-looking lizard brooch which belonged to my Nan earlier in the week, so this caught my eye for that reason. The ring is stretchy and was only £6.

I was drawn to the bright mustard colour of this bracelet, but didn't realise til I got home that it's a S/M, and a little snug. I'm sure it'll loosen as I wear it, though. This one was £6.00, too.

My favourite jewellery buy was the set of 3 pearl bracelets and necklace, which came to just £6. I can envision these being worn with everything! I love pearls (faux and real).

And my final purchase was a boring set of hair elastics. I prefer using metal-free bobbles, but for £1.50 I can't really complain.

So, I came away with a dress, three cardigans (which I went in for), some hair bobbles, a ring, a bracelet, and a set of 3 bracelets with a necklace. Pretty damn good for just £66!

I'm sure I'll be shopping with Matalan more in the future, but I will add for all you curvy ladies that their plus size range is appalling. If you're over a size 20 you'll be met with a teeny tiny selection of boring shapeless clothes mostly made from chiffon and polyester. My Mum came away empty-handed, but if the main range extended their sizes she would have bought half the shop! It's such a shame because they're missing out on so much business.

Do you shop with Matalan? What do you think of their products?

Have you made any good purchases recently?


  1. I love your new dress it's fab!! Xx

    1. Thank you Rachel :). I could see you in this one! xx

  2. another polka dot dress.. well you can never have enough polka dot dresses! :) they are the best kind of dress. that looks lovely and i'm glad you got to have a proper full-on shopping experience, i can imagine you've missed it like mad! xxx

    1. Yeah, I think I have a problem... I agree, they are the best! Thank you :). It was good to go shopping- I really had missed it loads! xx

  3. we love you in polka dots! another beauty of a dress, and the cardigans are especially lovely x

    1. Aw thank you Maria! I love them! xx


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