Sunday, 30 September 2012

Style it Up Sunday: Tartan Flatforms

I'm currently obsessing over the tartan flatforms from River Island, and although I can't afford them just yet I've been imagining how I could wear them to justify purchasing them when I next get paid.
I've never tried flatforms before, but I've been wanting to try the style out for quite some time. I'm most comfortable in flats, and although I long to wear heels, I can't at present as they put strain on the posture muscles in the lower back. I'm hoping flatforms won't cause discomfort to my back the way heels do so I can wear them now not later.

So, I've created five outfits based around the tartan flatforms. I'm not telling you this is the correct way to wear tartan or flatforms; I'm not at all qualified to dish out fashion advice. These outfits are based around my personal style (which I'm sure isn't to everyone's taste), and how I'd style the flatforms if I had all these pieces available to me.

Outfit One

The first outfit has been given a military twist, with warm Autumnal colours, and a slight grunge-y feel.

9. (I can't find the link, but I'm sure it was from ASOS)
There's nothing I love more than brightening up a dreary Autumn day with a good dose of colour, so I've started with a knit dress in a beautiful shade of mustard. I've got my eye on this dress in burgundy, too, and I think they'd be a great alternative to an ordinary dress on a cold Winter's day.  It would probably sit around knee length on me, which is perfect for me as I'm not comfortable exposing too much thigh, and the v-neck makes me feel less broad-shouldered.
 I've paired the dress with these fantastic geometric studded leggings, for extra warmth and to make the outfit a little less plain. I think they'd look great with the shoes! I love military inspired trends, and think this F&F coat would look great with the outfit (as long as the length is as long as the dress). The coat can be accessorised with the warm snood, or the cross necklace, depending on the cold, and the cross necklace can be worn underneath with the dress when the coat isn't needed. I've also added a set of beaded cross bracelets, a pair of cute oxblood bow gloves, and some burgundy croc effect nail polish for a bit of texture. To finish up I chose a cute cross body bag, but I forget where I found it.
Outfit Two
This outfit is a casual, laid back look with a slight edge; perfect for every day. It could be worn down the pub, to the cinema, to a gig, and for other general every day things.
I tend to wear jeans in Autumn/Winter more than at any other time of year- generally because it gets so cold. A good pair of skinny jeans like these black DP skinnies are a must, and there's no reason why you shouldn't wear skinny jeans if you're a plus size lady. It's all about confidence! The plain jeans would draw the eyes down to show off the shoes perfectly.
I'd wear the jeans with this cute skull tee, and the beautiful studded cardigan I'm lusting over so much. I've kept the accessories simple with an spike necklace, a pretty leaf ring, and a snood for popping over the top if it's particularly cold. As for the bag, I would go with this amazing wolf backpack because it's awesome, and high on my wish list. A backpack is great for a dress-down look.
Outfit Three
For the third ensemble, I've clashed chequered with tartan, and worked the shoes around a generous amount of black.
This checked dress is very Amy Lee, and could be worn dressed up, as well as the casual way I've styled it. The cardigan and tights would pull it all together, and keep me warm when it's chilly outside. The pearl and cross necklace is a contradiciton between edgy and lady like, but I love that because I take inspiration from both genres of dressing. I don't often wear crosses as fashion, as I was brought up Catholic but it wasn't for me, so I've always done my best to distance myself from it. Although recently, I've found myself with a soft spot for cross accessories, like the one above so I'll just go with it. The studded clutch is high on my wish list right now (as well as the one in red), and I personally love it with the dress and the shoes. To finish, I chose a purple stone ring for a little dash of colour. I have this ring in blue already and it's very pretty.
Outfit Four

 This outfit is the most quirky out of the five, with a fun side created by the necklace, heart shaped bag, and the clashing pattern of the hi-low hem skirt.
I love my patterns, and colour, and have fallen in love with the Monsoon moth-print skirt. Online it looks quite unusual and cute. I thought it would be fun to toughen it up with lots of black, studs, and the clashing tartan which I've always associated more with punks than Scottish traditions. I've toned down the rest of the outfit with a black cardigan and tights, which are things I already have in my wardrobe. The amazing skeleton hands necklace adds a bit of humour to the outfit, and I think the studded bag (which has a shoulder strap) finishes the look off well. I keep looking at adding a heart shaped clutch in to my collection, but I never do because I haven't got somewhere to wear one, but I'm quite taken with this studded beauty.
Outfit Five
The final outfit is a little dressier, and could be worn for a meal out, cocktails with the girls, or just for looking fabulous in the day time!
With the stunning lace detail to the sleeves, I've kept this one quite simple as the dress is a statement on it's own. Isn't it beautiful? I'd pick out a colour from the shoes for leggings or tights, and am particularly drawn to this teal pair. The colour is gorgeous. I like to add colour when I wear black so I don't look too washed out, or feel frumpy. I don't pull off black as well as most ladies do.  The blue necklace is quite unusual, and works with the blue in the flatforms. I'd finish with a couple of coats of navy nail polish, and this incredible horse clutch.
I would be able to think of a hundred ways to incorporate these shoes in to my life, so if they're still available come pay day, I will have to get myself a pair. Let's hope they'll fit!
Which outfit is your favourite?
How would you wear these flatforms?

Sunday Favourites #5

 Evening guys,
I hope you're all having a great weekend, or beginning to the week depending on where you live.
I've put together my favourite Tumblr and Pinterest images of the week for you...
Pretty floral nails.

Cute floral and polka dot nails.

A gorgeous gold and bronze Mac eyeshadow palette. <3

How beautiful are these colourful feather tattoos? I'm seriously considering getting something similar after coming across this a few days ago. They're just so pretty, and a change from the plain black designs that are popular these days.

So many shoes!

Amazing fox print- can I have this on everything, please?

I came across a blog called Victoria's Vintage and she has the prettiest bedroom decor I've ever seen. May I have it, please?

Pink and blue kitchen! Just look at that fridge!

Another pastel kitchen! I need that cooker.

Love this.

This is awesome.

This /\

Get out while you still can!

This miserable looking cat is the cutest cat I've ever seen. I think it's my spirit animal.

This is amazing and reminds me of my Sister's old white German Shepherd that was obsessed with strawberries and pineapple. Such a unique shot.

I love guinea pigs and kept two until they died of old age over the last few years. I'd love some of these almost hairless guinea pigs. They look like mini hippos!

This made me smile.
Burlesque dancer, Zorita walking her pet snake, 1937. As you do.
You can often find me in a day dream smiling to myself like an idiot while I remember past antics; usually ones involving a concert with my friends, and/or a member of Boyzone.

This couldn't be more true. I feel like I wasted much of the last ten years because I was stuck in a rut and was unsure of how to move myself forward. Don't make the mistake I did. Work out what you want to do in life, and do all the things you really want to do. Travel, take chances, take risks, wear the outfit you want to, enjoy every moment of life! It's too short.
It's too late to change the past now, but I know I'm going to do everything I want to do when I'm back on my feet!


A peek at my dressing table and storage solutions...

Over the last couple of months I've been putting some energy in to searching for dressing table storage. I've been uninspired by the cheap looking but expensive plastic cosmetic containers and drawer tidies that can be found on Amazon and Ebay. I'm surprised by the lack of glass dividers and containers, and don't especially want to spend upwards of twenty pounds on a little bit of plastic. Since I'm not much of a fan of plastic and I don't have much money to spare, I decided to get creative seeking out suitable alternatives. Here's where the visual merchandiser creativity in me comes in handy! I see potential in everything.

I'll take this opportunity to tell you this post is very photo-heavy!

While in Cargo a month or so ago, I picked up a wooden cutlery drawer for £8, a floral/polka dot bread basket (similar styles here) for £6, and a hot pink tea light holder for a few pounds. I was adamant I didn't want to use a cutlery drawer organiser for storing my make up, but this one is really well made, and it doesn't look too much like it belongs in the kitchen.

The cutlery divider fits perfectly in my make up drawer, with just enough room left around it to fit my Inglot palettes, and lipsticks and glosses. I've organised my blushers at the back; mascaras and eyeliners in the middle; bases at the front; and my eyeshadows to the left. It's so much easier to find the product I need now it's all organised properly.

The bottom drawer of my dressing table now holds my belts. I love skinny belts, but feel uncomfortable in anything much wider on the waist. Most of these belts came from Dorothy Perkins.

My hot water bottle also lives in the belt drawer, though I'm pretty sure it won't for much longer- it's already getting chilly here at night, and I'll need something to keep my feet warm! It's of course, another polka dot possession, although it was a gift off my best friend a couple of Christmases ago. She chose well!

 The top dressing table drawer stores random miscellany, such as cotton wool, wash bags and make up cases, contact lenses, plasters, a (broken) hand mirror, electric razor, tattoo goo (for healing new tattoos), travel pots, and empty necklace boxes. I'm still thinking of ways to organise this one.
My wash bag and make up cases... The paisley wash bag was a Liberty print for Jellycat, which if you don't know is a popular stuffed-toy brand. One day I was putting out an order when I unpacked a handful of them from in amongst hundreds of stuffed animals, and immediately set one aside for myself before everyone snapped them up in the adult's beauty department. I love paisley, and this colourful one has served me well for about two years so far. The star print case is a Cath Kidston purse, that I sometimes use for make up or other girlie essentials when I use a bag without a zipped pocket. The floral gingham make up bag is another of my work purchases from years ago. It's from a brand called Jo Edwards. And the key print case is from Fossil and I bought it last Summer. It's one of my favourite things.

My dressing table area is a work in progress. Once my walls are decorated soon, I plan to hang the accessories hanger above the mirror. It's currently balancing on a screw where my mirror used to hang. If you're wondering about the paisley paper, I've used it to hide the rectangular patch of apricot paint where a mirror used to be screwed in to the wall; nobody bothered to remove it when redecorating last! I got bored of the mirror that was hanging there, so this is my temporary solution.

I bought this cupcake polka dot storage box a few days ago from W H Smith. I paid just £14.99. There's a similar design online here, which I wish had been in store or I'd come across first, as I like it better. It's actually designed for stationery, but I thought it was perfect for storing my costume jewellery.

There's nothing in the top left drawer yet, but the middle drawer holds most of my costume rings. I don't have many.


The top right drawer keeps my costume brooches and pins together. Again, my collection is quite depleted.

I've put all my hair clips, slides, and bobbles in one of the middle drawers.


I haven't found a use for the other middle drawer as yet, so I've temporarily put a couple of hair scarves and my jewellery roll in it for now. I bought the jewellery wrap at work several years ago, but can't remember the brand.


And, the bottom drawer is the perfect place for my nail varnish collection. The drawer is huge, and I could easily fit double what I have in it. (Read that as an excuse for buying more nail polishes). It's not quite tall enough for my Ciate and Bourjois polishes, though.

I arranged the polishes by colour for easy picking. For someone who usually stuck to reds, corals, and pinks I've got quite a few blues and greens now!


I bought the floral/polka dot bread basket for holding my costume bracelets! The floral pattern on the outside fits in with the curtains and duvet set, and should work with the colour I hope to paint my walls in. I find it so much easier to dig out the piece I want from the basket, than I did with the vase. It's got ample space, and it doesn't particularly look like a bread basket.


The Cargo tea light holder makes a perfect make up brush holder! It's hot pink on the inside, and is decorative metal on the outside. It only cost a few pounds, and looks so much prettier on display than the old tumbler I used to use.

While in W H Smith, I came across this metal pen holder for just £2.50. I think I'll probably spray paint it white or pale blue when I redecorate, but for now it makes a cute container for my nail files, nail art tools, manicure things, and eye lash curlers.


Here you can see all my beauty products with the make up tools, and costume bracelets.

I have some necklaces hung over an old wall lamp which never gets used these days; a lilac leather jewellery box (with a charm bracelet over the handle) which my best friend gave to me a long time ago; my Bertie and Gertie lips clutch; and my jewellery mannequin with my pearl necklace and a few bracelets and earrings on it.

On top of my dressing table mirror sits my hair bands, a few corsages, and a masquerade mask.

And finally, I picked up a nest of three purple metal boxes while I was in W H Smith's as well. They were the bargain price of £9.99 for the set (although online they're £14.99), which I think is really reasonable, so I couldn't pass them up. At the minute, I've used them to store my winter gloves and hats, which I will do a post about soon. When I redecorate I'll probably spray paint these blue or white, which should only set me back a couple of pounds.
I use this little cubby hole under the dressing table to hold my scarves, hair dryer, and straighteners, as well as the winter woolies.

So, that's how I turned random every day containers in to dressing table storage. It didn't cost me a lot of money, and certainly cost me much less than I would have spent on acrylic make up organisers. My dressing table is so organised now, which makes life that little bit easier when dressing and applying make up.
Just because a container is designed for a specific purpose, it doesn't mean it can't be used for something else. If you're searching for dressing table and wardrobe storage, keep your eyes open next time you're out shopping on the high street or in the supermarket. Look in stationery sections at the office supplies, and in the kitchen-ware shops/departments. As baking has become fashionable again, the storage containers for the kitchen have become pretty and girlie to appeal to the fashion conscious lady, too. The possibilities are almost endless! There are some great storage solutions out there, all you have to do is find them!
If you personally prefer simple acrylic holders, I'd recommend having a look on Amazon and Ebay, where you should be able to find nail polish racks, drawer dividers, and cosmetic organisers in different styles and sizes. Ikea also stock drawer tidies, and are probably the least expensive I've seen.
I hope you've enjoyed having a look in to my dressing table, and found my tips of some use!

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