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Thursday Ten: Ten classic pieces I want in my capsule wardrobe...

Hey guys,
My little wardrobe is filled to bursting with beautiful clothes, but there are plenty of gaps in my collection. We all have our favourites, but a good capsule wardrobe can help a fashionista get the most out of her seasonal clothes and accessories. A few staple pieces can provide multiple outfit options and if chosen wisely and looked after properly, these pieces can remain in our rotations season after season.
These are a few pieces I'm lacking and always keeping my eyes open for...
1. A light-wash denim shirt.

As a tomboy tween, I used to live in denim. I could have given denim-loving girl band B*Witched a run for their money if they'd been around a little earlier. I was a five foot four ten/eleven year old who didn't care much about clothes because I thought I was fat. Looking back at photos, I was a skinny bean pole, no bigger than my friends except for the fact I developed early and was taller.

I remember having a mid-wash denim shirt, and a sleeveless light-wash shirt that I lived in. I wore the sleeveless shirt everywhere. I ripped a big section of it on my friend's farm, but I made my Mum sew it up and kept on wearing it until I out-grew it. No shirt has captured my heart as much as that sleeveless denim shirt since.

I've been looking for the perfect light-wash denim shirt for years, but still haven't found the elusive one. A denim shirt is such a versatile garment. They can be worn with just about anything- over dresses, knotted over or tucked in to skirts, with jumpsuits, jeans, trousers, shorts... and as denim has been around for decades, they can work with just about any look you're going for.

These are a few images I found via Pinterest. I particularly love the bottom three worn with skirts.

Ashley Olsen and Fearne Cotton.

And not the type of denim shirt I'm looking for... but these are a few shirts I found on Pinterest that I love.
2. A black leather or pleather biker jacket.

I'm always on the hunt for a biker jacket, but have yet to find one that suits my shape. I blame my shoulders.

I really want a couple of biker jackets in black and tan, and also a cropped version, too, to add a bit of an edge to my pretty dresses and coloured skinnies. I don't mind if it's real leather or pleather, as long as the quality is good.

I love these Dorothy Perkins jackets.
3. A classic good fitting mac or trench coat.

The type that can be worn with just about anything in my wardrobe and one classic enough to bring out year after year. I always have my eyes open for a coat with the potential to flatter my shape, and look good over dresses or jeans in the Winter. I want a good coat in a classic black and a more neutral number to cover all outfit options.

The black military trench (bottom left) is a current line on the Dorothy Perkins website and I'll admit I'm tempted.
4. A fitted blazer.

I want a fitted blazer that will give a neat silhouette to wear over jeans and dresses and smarten up any outfit. I would probably choose a navy or black blazer as a wear-with-everything jacket, and choose a couple of coloured ones to inject a bit of fun in to more casual outfits.

I love the linings and cuff detail on the blazers above. The fit on the bottom right looks perfect.

I found this image of a woman wearing a grey blazer with pink cuffs on Pinterest. I don't know who it belongs to, but isn't the blazer gorgeous? She looks amazing!
5. A pair of Doctor Martans.

Maybe not a staple, exactly, but they're still timeless.

Back in the mid nineties when I was ten or eleven, and my older Sister was sixteen or seventeen, I remember being fascinated with her outfits. I always remember her dressing in red jeans (the kind that were loose fitting and came up to the waist, which was the style at the time), with a purple baker boy hat and a pair of black Doctor Martens. She looked just like the rebellious teenagers on Sister Act 2. I was always envious of her outfits, and I wanted her shoes. Sadly, although I was a tall kid, I was still about five inches shorter than her five nine height at the time, and a couple of foot sizes smaller, so I couldn't wear her clothes, but I've always wanted a pair of DMs since that day. But for some reason I've never owned a pair.

I really want a pair of floral DMs but I also love the polka dot and purple pairs. I would wear a pair with dresses to give them an edge, or with skinny jeans/jeggings although their possibilities are endless.
6. Perfect fitting knee length knit dresses.

I like to wear dresses all year round, but when the mercury drops below freezing, it's not easy to keep warm in a thin dress with just a cardigan and tights. Knit dresses are a simple solution, but I've yet to find the right one for me.

Past dresses I've found have all had scoop necks (which I hate wearing with my broad shoulders), and have been too body-con. I prefer a v-neck and a flared skirt, and think these ASOS sweater dresses could be what I've been looking for.

7. A few good fitting shirts.

Shirts and I mix as well as chalk and cheese. I'm not a big fan of shirts. I find it so hard to get the perfect fit because I have wide shoulders and enough chest to causes buttons to gape. If I size up, it doesn't necessarily solve the problem, and I find myself swamped in fabric.

However, I would love to add a few shirts to my wardrobe. A plain white shirt is great for layering, or creating a simple, classic outfit with a pair of jeans and statement accessories. A patterned shirt like these ASOS shirts which all have animals all over them (how cute?!), can be worn in the same way and look equally smart, but they can also add a bit of fun and personality to a look. I would probably wear the raccoon shirt with a pair of black or coloured skinnies.

8. A classic satchel.

Satchels are probably my favourite style of bag.  I have several modern satchels from River Island, but I would love a more classic looking design (or ten) such as a Cambridge Satchel or a Zatchel satchel. They just look so chic and retro, and well made. I could see myself walking about in Autumn with one of these over my shoulder while I try to pretend I'm an intellectual student. (When really I wouldn't fool anyone and haven't been a student since 2003...).

I can't decide which colour I would want first!
9. The perfect Winter coat.

I'm very particular about Winter coats. I like them to have buttons or zips but not poppers. I prefer them to have a belt on the waist for a bit of definition. A v-neck collared neckline will always be more flattering on me than a high neck design. I also like having pockets to warm my hands in and look for a coat that at least comes down to thigh length. It's rare to find a coat that meets my specifications, and even harder to find one within my means.

I spent last Winter admiring this lovely tweed coat on ASOS, but at almost £100 it was too expensive for my limited budget. I also had no use for a new coat being bed bound, as I still am. I don't see myself being much better this Winter so doubt I'll be spending on a new Winter coat this year, but I'd love to own a similar looking coat one day.

 10. The perfect pair of jeans.

Jeans are the hardest garment for me to shop for, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that. They're always too tight, or too loose. Too long, or too short. They're never just right like Baby Bear's porridge.

I've left stores empty-handed after spending half an hour trying on a dozen pairs of jeans in different styles, fits, and lengths. I like skinny, boot cut, straight leg, and flared styles, but they apparently don't like me. Jeans are almost always too long on me, though I'm not short, and if a pair is too tight and I size up, the pair will be so loose they'll fall down without a belt.  I can't win, but I live in hope of one day finding the perfect fitting pair.

Conclusion? I seem to crave mostly coats and jackets!

I hope you've enjoyed this post. Do you have a capsule wardrobe, or are you a high trend girl all the way?

What staple items do you want to add to your wardrobes?


I just wanted to add that multiple mentions of my shoulders and the word 'flattering' aren't mean to come across negatively. I use the words lightly, and I'm comfortable in my skin. I like to wear clothes I personally feel my best in (which involves drawing the eye away from my shoulders), and believe everybody should wear what they feel great in regardless of the opinions of society. F*ck flattering! I am who I am and that's okay!  



  1. i keep trying a capsule wardrobe philosophy, i agree and think some items are essential and make dressing easier - hello great shirts and jeans and blazers or trench- my chic days, which are rare - i tend to favour bows, ruffles and general nonsense - i am trying a vintage librarian look though this year for work (well thats what it is in my head! i like to have a theme!) x

    1. I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, but I never end up buying staples and capsule pieces! Too many pretty dresses catch my eye!

      I love bows and ruffles and think a vintage librarian look sounds amazing! You should start posting your photos! x

  2. 1. Oooh, denim shirts... I'm with you on that one, I've wanted one for the longest time, but I can't find one that isn't boxy or fits me :/

    2. While on the subject of shirts: I have the same issue as you know, but the best fitting blouse was a blue one from Asos (current line). It's maybe quarter of an inch too small around ~the girls, but it actually fits my waist AND shoulders and when that happens, it's usually several inches too small around my chest. I'll post an ootd later today, maybe you could look into that if you like it? I can also give you my measurements for comparison if that helps.

    3. I've never heard of that scoop neck thing when you have wider shoulders... I knew V-necks were supposed to be ~mandatory for "women of size" (ugh) but I didn't know about scoop necks... I shall have to conduct experiments!

    4. Have a nice day sweetie :)

    1. 1. I find it so hard to find shirts I like that fit well. It's so annoying!

      2. The ASOS shirt looks fantastic on you! ASOS are always great at providing a good fit. I actually have no idea what my own measurements are, and can't afford a purchase right now anyway, but I'll bear ASOS in mind for future reference.

      3. I don't think it's one of those stylist rules "you should avoid scoop necks if you're broad"; I just personally feel wide and frumpy in most scoop necked garments. I don't know why, but it's one of those styles that makes me feel awful when I wear it. I just prefer v-necks.

      4. Thank you, hun. Hope yours was a good one, too :)

  3. i love nearly everything on this list! finding the perfect fit shirt and jeans for me, is a nightmare, cue me pretty much giving up on the idea and this also effect me finding a blazer (big boobs, big hips, small(ish) thighs, short legs). The Cambridge satchel i have been lusting after for ages, keep looking for a good dupe.x

    1. Shopping for jeans, shirts, and jackets is so frustrating. Wouldn't it be nice if we could get clothes tailor made to fit us perfectly for the same price? Satchels seem to be staying around for A/W and I'm sure there'll be a few knock-offs on the high street. I'd love the real deal, though! x

  4. I've never owned half of those I'm not good and having a capsule wardrobe I need lots and lots of choice lol. I did buy the mr a red zatchel the other day and he loves it! Xx

    1. Me neither! I'm always on the hunt for a few staples, but always go for the dresses instead! Aww what a lovely treat for the Mr! I love buying people gifts to make them smile xx

  5. This is a great list! The only thing I don't have are jeans (I gave up on the perfect pair years ago)and a shirt, I just don't know how to wear a shit. But this is the year that I bought Dr Martens and a Cambridge Satchel, both in different shades of pink and I have to admit, it's been a good year! xx


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