Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday Favourites #1

Hey guys,

I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend. Who's got the whole bank holiday weekend off?

While brainstorming ideas for blog posts and regular features, I thought it could be interesting to do a summary post each Sunday to share any news and my favourite things of the week with you.  I thought it could be a good way to share a little more about me and the things I'm passionate about, while keeping you updated. What do you think?

We'll give the idea a test-drive today and see what happens.

So I give you my weekly favourites and highlights...

This week I...

Went out in public with my legs bared below the knee for the first time in several years. And survived! Nobody batted an eye lid, and I felt comfortable walking around the hospital with my legs exposed. It was a big step for me, and although I was terrified at the thought, it wasn't scary at all!
I also found myself with an inflatable life belt around my neck at the start of the week. No, I wasn't on a sinking ship, and I wasn't on a plane preparing to crash land- I was in a hydrotherapy pool. My hydrotherapist had us float on our backs in the water with a life belt around our necks and pool noodles under our legs as a relaxation technique after half an hour of stretches. Not so elegant! I felt like I should have been yelling for rescue from a life boat!

What I've been buying

I've been hunting for the perfect knitwear to see me in to Autumn and through to Winter, so I picked up four very different cardigans. The cobalt blue matalan crew neck cardigan (no 1) is my favourite- super soft and oh so pretty. I will be buying the other colours. The robot patterned ASOS cardigan (no 3) is really fun and I can't wait to show you it this Autumn. I sent the pink ASOS cardigan (no 5) back as it swamped me, so if you're considering purchasing one, size down one or two sizes. I'm currently deciding whether to send the bottle green New Look cardi back as it's rather big, but it's such a comfortable, warm and well made cardigan. And I love the colour.
I also bought a gorgeous River Island satchel in ASOS's sale to add to my collection.

And I also ordered a Lush package for my Sister's birthday next week, and may have ordered myself a bath bomb, too...

I'm a good Sister; buying her things I want myself!

Favourite garment or outfit

This week I've been in love with my hummingbird print skirt, and new cobalt blue cardigan. They're now two of my favourite pieces.

Favourite shoes

 I haven't had any need for my own shoes this week, but it hasn't stopped me from admiring lovely shoes on the Internet.

How pretty are these little beauties?

At the same time I've been dreaming about owning a pair of floral DMs. I love this pair from Schuh.

Favourite bag

Bags are my favourite accessory, and I love collecting them. I like to change my bags over regularly, constantly returning to different ones depending on my outfit or mood. I picked this lovely satchel up mid-week, and I can't wait to use it.

Favourite accessories

I found a necklace on Pinterest, which has a quote from Johnny Cash's Walk The Line on it. I've totally fallen in love with it! It's from a site called Bourbon and Boots; nothing to do with fashion, but a website dedicated to the best of the American South. I also really love an upcoming piece from Maggie Angus- a flapper girl necklace. How cute?!

Favourite song

My most played song of the week is Linkin Park's 'Lost in the Echo'. It's a hell of an opening song to their Living Things album. I can't get enough of Mike Shinoda's voice. Nita knows exactly what I mean! I could listen to him sing, rap, or talk all day long.

Favourite album

I'm still constantly playing Linkin Park's new album 'Living Things'. It's full of great tunes that show off their voices and musical talents perfectly. I love it more with each listen. Each of their albums is so different, but I love how they're always evolving, and how they don't limit themselves to one style of music. For every intense screaming metal tune, their's a soft song to contradict it. To me, that's a sign of a talented musician. Or in this case, six.

My favourite songs on the album have to be Lost in the Echo, In My Remains, Roads Untraveled, I'll Be Gone, Burn It Down, and Powerless. Give them a listen!

I've Been Watching...


My favourite film of the week has to be Walk The Line. I've played it on more than one occasion as the songs keep getting stuck in my head. I didn't know much about Johnny Cash or his music before watching Walk The Line, but I find the era and music fascinating. I think Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon (as June Carter) are amazing in this film. It's one of my all time favourites. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out!


I'm enjoying Two Broke Girls for a bit of light-hearted comedy each Thursday, and find myself tuning in to see vintage episodes of Home and Away every weekday evening. (Which is making me feel very old and nostalgic)! I'm also loving the Hairy Dieters. They both have such a loveable Uncle way about them.

Favourite images of the week

I love gaining inspiration from images of all different subjects and usually find some time to pin and scroll through Tumblr each evening.

Here are a few of my favourites of the week.


Why should I change something as complicated as my body when you won't change something as simple as your mind?

I really want to try out a purple and turquoise eyeshadow look after finding this image.

Paisley Nails

 And this beautiful fox illustration also captured my heart.


I've been planning to get a tattoo of a flock of flying birds with a dandelion across my collar bone similar to this when I'm back to full health- to symbolise getting my freedom back. I hadn't considered getting the design on my foot, but this image has me rethinking the location for it now- it looks so pretty there.

You might remember I love bunnies, and I think this tattoo is so cute. It's made me wonder whether to get my Honey bunny, and my old bunny Tigerlily who died at Easter, added to my skin somewhere. Honey is ten and a half now and I had the two since they were 8 weeks old. They've been an important part of my life for a long time now, and mean as much to me as any cat or dog would.

I'm not sure how old this image of Fearne cotton is, but I really love the mix of purple, yellow, coral and black she's wearing together.

Quotes of the week

I love quotes and lyrics, and these are two of the best I came across this week...

I'm sure you've heard that Avril Lavinge is engaged to Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. They seem like such an odd match from the outside, but good luck to them. It didn't stop me from laughing when this popped up on my Tumblr dash, though!

Well, I think I'll leave my weekly favourites there, or risk it turning in to a mammoth post. I hope you've enjoyed reading this post. Let me know if you'd like me to make this a regular feature!



  1. Great idea, so much pretty and interesting stuff in one post!

    The blue and white heels are so pretty, and that necklace with the quote is perfect... I think I have to watch Walk the Line now :)

    Any yes yes, Nita knows what you mean, in fact she'll go listen to Roads Untraveled now^^

    1. Aw thank you!

      Yes, you need to go watch Walk the Line and listen to Mr Shinoda :)

  2. Love the post :) loving you purchases ! Do you have a tumblr ? I love mine it's just animals tattoo and lovely fatties xx

    1. Thanks hun. Yes, and I think you follow me already because you reblog my posts! It's ileaveoutalltherest... I love your Tumblr! xx

  3. LOL at the adam levine quote! i'm going to get that cardi too, hopefully today... and good on you for your bravery to step outside your comfort zone this week, it's the nicest feeling when you realise that no one actually notices something you're really conscious of xxx

    1. It made me laugh! You'd look great in the cardi- I hope you get it. Thank you! I think a lot of our worries aren't even things others even notice. I might give it another go on Monday and see what happens... xx


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