Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Rain clouds come to play again...

Evening guys,

I'm back!

Some of you may have noticed the lack of outfit posts from me over the last ten days or so, and for that I apologise. I've been struggling with some of the worst back pain I've had all year, and my teeth have been joining in, too. (Little violins are serenading me as I type...) So, I've been curled up all week in my PJs looking like a miserable scruff in no shape for posing. Thankfully I had some Wish Lists and Challenge posts lined up in my drafts to fill the void, but I've really wanted to share my new skirt with you all.

I bought the skirt last week in the sale with belated birthday money from my Sister. I did order the Hummingbird print dress I'd been admiring for ages, too, but I sent it straight back as it looked awful on me and the collar felt cheap and nasty. The skirt, however, is a dream...

 Vintage episodes of Home and Away on my very old TV!

The hummingbird print skirt had been on my wish list for quite some time, so it didn't take long for me to buy it when I saw it in the Dorothy Perkins sale last week. I've been making it my mission to hunt down perfect skirts and this is definitely one of them. It's super soft, lined, falls to a good length on me- just below my knees, and has a stretchy waist band. I could have sized down as it's generously cut, but luckily the waist band behaves itself. I also love the way it moulds to my shape without clinging. The fabric and print is beautiful- I wish I'd bought the polka dot version as well now.

I didn't realise until after uploading these photos that my skirt was sitting a bit low...

I never really know what to pair with skirts. I have no trouble teaming tops with jeans or trousers, but for some reason dressing skirts is a little harder for me. Probably as my top collection is currently very sparse. I decided to team it with this polka dot top which has a cute crochet collar. It's actually a bubble hem top, which I've had for a few years. I haven't worn it much as it's a little big on me- especially on top, but I still think it's cute.

Polka Spots and Freckle Dots... and cute collar details.

I wore the skirt and top with His Royal Highness, The Frog Prince. Isn't he beautiful? I think everyone needs a purple rhinestone Frog Prince in their lives!

And I also wore my Maggie Angus howling wolf necklace. May I point out that that's not a scratch on his nose, just a stray strand of acrylic from the edging. He's mirrored so what you can see is my ceiling fan.

The skirt has beautiful hummingbird couples all over the fabric.

Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Top: New Look
Ring: ASOS
Necklace: Maggie Angus
Nail Polish: Barry M Racing Green

This is how I wore it on the weekend, with a navy lace vest (which has a scalloped hem), and a black cropped cardigan. I think I like it better this way.

I've done very little spending this past week. I had to choose between buying the forest green H&M shirt, or some Lush make up. And the Lush make up won. Brightly coloured make up is one of my favourite vices, especially coming from a company that used to have the best make up Sister company in the land. I spent more than half of my remaining bank balance on three eye shadows and a toner tab, which came today, but more on that in my next post...

I'm also working on airbrushing my blog at the moment. I've lots of little ideas and plans in my head to make this blog a little more personal and pretty. The layout and fonts will be staying the same now, but I'll probably add more images and tabs to the gadget bar. If there's anything you'd like to see more of on my blog, leave me a message and let me know!

Night guys,



  1. Ooooh I like the new look of your blog a lot! The little circle thingies are super cute :)

    The second outfit is my favorite, I like dark colors at the moment, I don't know why... but the top in the first one is really cute, too! Crochet is so underrated in my opinion.

    You look cute as always, and the kissing birds are too adorable for words. Also YAAAY for new make up :)

    1. Aww thank you! I've been getting creative.

      It's my favourite, too. I wanted to dress it that way again to post, but the tops were in the wash. I think crochet is underrated, too.

      Thanks Nita :)

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  3. really pretty skirt! i like it better the second way too, although i do like clashing prints! ohhh how i want that wolf necklace, too! xxx

    1. It is- it's gorgeous! I really wanted to post it around the second outfit, but the tops were in the wash so I'll do that next time I wear it. xx

  4. I love the skirt it's really pretty I love the second outfit best too xx

    1. It's one of the nicest skirts I've seen in ages. Thanks! Next time I wear it I'll post an OOTD dressed like that xx

  5. Such a pretty skirt, it looks lovely on you. I like the frog ring, a lovely personal touch to your outfit xx

    1. Thank you so much, Gemma :) xx


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