Friday, 17 August 2012

Erase and rewind 'cause I've been changing my mind...

About a year ago, I went through my wardrobe with a fine toothed comb, and made myself get rid of everything I didn't wear, or the things I did which had become shapeless and faded from regular wear. I sold what I could on ebay and added the money I made to my holiday fund.

 I was a frivolous shopper; I'd buy clothes I liked on the hanger and on me in the changing room, but by the time I got home I would often convince myself I looked awful in it, hang it up, and never wear it again. I also had- and have- a habit of wearing favourite pieces to death until they fall apart. So when I bit the bullet and went through every single thing I owned, I was realistic and brutal, and I was left with a very compact collection. I've almost had to rebuild it from scratch over the last year, and as my situation is much different to how it was a year ago, building it up again has taken time. I've gone for quality not quantity; although I've bought things I love (hello pretty printed dresses), more than things I actually need.

Now we're heading towards Autumn, I'm suddenly aware that my Winter Knit collection is currently very limited. I have plenty of Summer cardigans, but what I really need is some long sleeved cardigans to layer over dresses, skirts, and jeans to keep me warm in the cold. I don't have the money to shop for a whole Winter wardrobe this year, but luckily I'm the girl who just adjusts her S/S style with boyfriend cardigans and scarves. So, with all the things I really, really want to buy, my sensible side has made a rare appearance and is telling me to buy a few things I need first. And I need cardigans because I binned about a dozen and a half of my old favourites last year.

I was having a browse through ASOS's knitwear this afternoon and came across this geeky brightly coloured, printed cardigan. It's so bright and in your face, but something about it drew me in. It reminds me of the knitwear everybody used to wear in the early nineties (if you grew up in the 80-90s I'm sure you know what I mean!). My Sister compared it to a Cosby Show jumper! Anyway, long story short, I bought it! It was £19 down from £38, and it looks so warm. I think it'll be perfect over jeans and jeggings when the frost sets in, and I think it shows my quirky side. It's also very different to everything I've been buying lately.

Now I'm having a bit of a coloured cardigan dilemma. Do I buy a couple of v-neck cardigans from New Look (the green and probably the cobalt blue), which are £12.99 each)...

Or do I buy the purple v-neck grandad cardigan (£12.00), and the cobalt blue round neck (£10.00)? With delivery options, the two transactions would cost about the same.

 I really love the gorgeous dark green of the New Look cardigan, and it reminds me of a cardigan I used to own a few years ago which I loved, but I can't help thinking that the Matalan cardigans look softer and better quality. They've also got what looks like Mother of Pearl buttons, which are a lot more attractive than the New Look buttons.

I can think of several outfits each of the cardigans would all work with. Colourful knitwear is so versatile, perfect for wearing with my existing wardrobe, and is a personal must have, but I can't seem to come to a conclusion so would love to hear your opinions, and thoughts if you own the cardigans already.

There are lots of other great basic cardigans and jumpers available from New Look and Matalan, and I'm really loving the bright colour palettes which are popping up everywhere in the early Autumn collections. I can't resist a Fair Isle print or a chunky grandad cardigan- they make me think of the way the cold feels against my face when it's below freezing when I'm wrapped up in cosy layers; the smell of bonfires, the feeling of crunching over a path of dead leaves; and getting ready for Christmas. I really love the months leading up to Christmas; the weather, the layering, the shopping, the cosiness, the planning...although working in retail the season was exhausting! But I really do love the feeling of wrapping up against the cold, heading out for the day, and embracing it.

I also really love these printed knits from Dorothy Perkins, especially the horse print cardi, but I can't really justify the prices right now. I always find their knitwear to be quite pricey for such a basic garment, but I can't deny the prints are beautiful, and the quality is usually superior to those in many other high street shops.

Which cardigans do you think I should buy?

Where do you tend to shop for knitwear? Where do you avoid?

P.S. The blog revamping is coming along nicely, so you shouldn't find too many more alterations each time you visit. Thanks for your patience!


  1. i prefer the longer, v neck styles but i'm not sure! i have a bit of a knitwear buying obsession so you've really confused my voice of judgement haha it's saying 'get all of them' (i don't recommend that! haha)xxx

    1. also, i really love that first cardigan, sooo fun and quirky, i think it'd suit you so much xxx

    2. I like the long grandad cardigans, too. It really depends on the outfit though. Your voice of judgement is a very very bad influence, but it's oh so right! I would buy them all if I could! Haha. xx

    3. Aww thanks Hannah. I'm so looking forward to wearing it! xx

  2. I love Dorothy Perkins cardigans but they are too expensive so I buy in the sale , I usually head to tesco asda or matalan for cardigans xx I love the asos one you bought btw

    1. They are! And I do the same, unless I'm really taken with one. I've bought from Asda and Tesco before and they're always really good. Thanks Rachel! xx

  3. 1. OMG I love the new look of your blog... how cute are the speech bubbles? What a fantastic idea! They're not just quirky and unique but describe you really well, I think. Three thumbs up from me for that! :)

    2. I really like the crew neck cardis because you can wear them with detachable collars to spice things up - but the green V-neck is also nice!
    From the printed ones, I like the grey with the flowers best :)

    3. There isn't really a #3, I just wanted to say I hope you have a nice day sweetie. C'est all!

    1. 1. Aww thank you so much! I've been working hard trying to make the blog a bit more personal and a bit more interesting to look at. The bubble images kept me busy last night!

      2. I like the idea of wearing them with collars for different looks. I often just end up wearing cardis open. I really do love the green one, though.

      3. Haha! I hope you have a nice da... night I guess, too! Thanks for your lovely comments :)

  4. oohhh oh oh!! I like the patterned ones!!


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