Sunday, 15 July 2012

She who wears the trousers

Something dawned on me as I turned on the laptop to create this post. In the four months or so that I've been blogging about my personal style, I've only once worn a pair of trousers!

 I'm quite stunned that I've reached my 100th post without pulling on a pair of jeggings, coloured skinnies, or cropped jeans. And it seems odd that I'm coincidentally wearing trousers for this milestone post. 

Before my injury, my personal style was much more varied. One day I'd be wearing a dress over leggings, and the next I could be in coloured skinnies or cropped jeans paired with a pretty top or an edgier tee and Converse. I dressed accordingly for the weather or the social situation; never afraid of wearing colour or wearing outfits I loved or of just being me. Whatever I wore, dresses were always my signature look, and what I felt most like myself in.

When my injury became apparent last September, I soon found fitted trousers or jeans too constrictive on my lower back where the pain is at it's worst, so I began to wear dresses even more than usual. Dresses are not only something I LOVE and feel work best on my shape, but they're comfortable for lying around in. This is such an important factor as 99% of the last ten months has been spent in bed. Pretty and quirky dresses also brighten my mood much more than a pair of jeans. I do, however, miss the variety.

I'm sure you'll see me wearing trousers a little more this Autumn/Winter when the temperatures drop, and I'll start you off today. You don't need to adjust your screens or get your eyes checked; yes, this is me wearing a pair of trousers!

I'd been admiring these printed trousers all season, but only rescued them last week from the Dorothy Perkins sale. I'd been wanting to try the printed trouser trend for a while, too. They're very comfortable, just like pyjama bottoms, and I made a conscious effort to avoid looking like I'd just rolled out of bed. My top supply is currently limited, and I was a bit uncertain of how to style them, but in the end I came up with a long basic scoop neck tee, and a denim gilet I've had since last summer and have barely worn. I accessorised with a star print scarf, a wolf necklace, and a black hairband with a bow and cameo on it. The trousers are a bit baggy on me, and to avoid them looking hareem-like, I have to wear them so high on the waist- Simon Cowell would be proud! I hope they'll shrink a little in the wash...

A make-up-less me, and the oldest television in the land.

I stuck to a white, black, and grey colour scheme for the accessories to bring everything together. The wolf necklace came yesterday, but you'll hear more about that later. I've had the scarf and hair band for years. I love star prints nearly as much as polka dots and bird prints.

A close up of the print...

I ripped another nail off at the quick yesterday- that's four in just over a week. I can't postpone the inevitable manicure any longer. I'm a little gutted as I'd never had strong, long nails until a few months ago. C'est la vie. This is a peek at the green glitter nail polish I recently bought.

Trousers: Dorothy Perkins
Top: Dorothy Perkins
Denim gilet: New Look
Scarf: Accessorize
Necklace: Maggie Angus
Hairband: Accessorize or Dorothy Perkins... I forget.
Nail Polish: Barry M Green Glitter

Do you like the printed trouser trend? How would you or how do you wear them?

And finally, I know this post is dragging on, but as this is my 100th post, I just wanted to end it with a thank you. Thank you to everybody who follows, reads, and comments on my blog posts. Thank you for your opinions, support, advice, and encouragement! I never thought I'd enjoy blogging so much, but it's my lovely followers who have made it such an enjoyable hobby. All your lovely comments make me want to blog! You've helped to raise my confidence further, and I enjoy chatting about stylish things with people who enjoy them as much as I do. If someone had told me even a year ago that I would be blogging about personal style, I would have thought they were mad, but it's now something I can aim for every day. Long may it continue!

Thanks guys,



  1. aw louise! bless you, congratulations. love those pyjama trousers, i'd really like something similar, where they're comfy trousers but still something you can wear out. i might have a hunt soon. :) also i can't believe this is your 100th post, i'm near to mine soon too, for some reason i thought you'd blogged for aaages before me, prob because your posts are always totally readable and awesome! well highfive i think your blog is amazing and here's to at least 100 more posts! :) xxx

    1. Thank you :). There seem to be a few different designs in the DP sale right now. It's just nice to be able to wear something sooo comfortable and get away with wearing it as day wear. Nope, I started this blog in March, I think. I'm amazed I reached the 100 mark already, though! Can't believe you're nearing it too! Thanks Hannah, you're so nice! A big high five back at ya, as yours is brilliant too. To the next 100! xx

  2. You look adorable! <3

    - Marisa

  3. I love these trousers, they look fab on you! I am a massive fan of printed trousers, love the way you have styled them x

    1. Aw thank you, Linz :). You always look great in printed trousers! xx

  4. very nice! i like the vest :)

  5. Love this post congrats on your 100th post I ago wanted to say I'm loving your full body pics I like to see your face ( not in a pervy way lol) xx

    1. Thanks, Rachel. You just made me laugh with that last comment! I'm trying to be braver with putting my face out there on t'internet xx

  6. Woooah I've been blogging for half a year and only have 60-something posts - you're very productive, unlike me^^

    Congratulations ~mon petit Eclair! I'm sooo glad you made this blog and found me and left comments so we could get to know each other and become friends :) I always smile when I see your name in my inbox or a new post of yours on my dash, and I'm happy to hear you enjoy blogging so much! ♥ ♥ ♥

    You look amazing in trousers btw, they make you look tall and are super flattering (uuugh. Don't like this word), and you can really pull off cool/edgy looks, so this whole ensemble gets a big thumbs up from me.

    I just got a pair of lace print trousers, not sure if I can make them work... we'll see^^

    1. Ah, but I've not got a life! I have all this time on my hands!

      Haha that made me laugh and smile :). I'm pleased that I found you through blogging, too. I love seeing your posts pop up, and also when I get emails from you, too. No getting rid of me now!

      Really?! Thank you. I actually feel I look shorter in them, and that they're not so flattering on my legs. But I do like them. The edgy love comes from my rock music love, and fangirling. Thank you so much!

      Wow, can't wait to see those!!


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