Sunday, 8 July 2012

New Additions

Can I start by apologising for the lack of outfit posts this past week. I've got lots of new outfits waiting to be worn and blogged about, but I've spent the last few days curled up under the duvet struggling through a very bad spell of pain. Hopefully in a day or two I'll be in a better shape for dressing up and taking photos.

I've taken time out from reading and sleeping to put together a little post of the things I've bought and been given this week.

So, I've been buying...

1. Printed trousers from Dorothy Perkins £17.00 (originally £29.50).
2. Match Stick trousers from Evans £12.00 (originally £45.00). (Now sold out).
3. Maggie Angus at ASOS Ursula Bear necklace in black £10.50 (originally £24.99).
4. ASOS adjustable enamelled and rhinestone frog ring £4.50 (originally £12.00).
5. Maggie Angus Wild Wolf necklace £15.00 (originally £24.99).

I've wanted both pairs of these printed trousers for some time but never committed. I finally took the plunge on Friday. The match stick trousers were hugely discounted, but as few sizes were left I had to size down. I'm praying they'll fit! I haven't bought many accessories all season, and when I came across these beautiful animals I just had to adopt them... More on that later!

I had a gift voucher for Amazon for my birthday (thank you, Nita), and I used it towards some Barry M nail paints and a Too Faced eye shadow compact Candy Bars Eyeshadow Thin Mints. (This listing I bought from is now sold out, and was a little cheaper than the one in the link above). I've been trying to supplement my habit of reds and corals with other coloured nail polishes this year, and I'm now converted to loving nail polish of all the colours of the rainbow. Yay!

Barry M nail paints in Green Glitter, Racing Green, and Emerald Green.

The nail paints arrived yesterday and I am in love. Until now green was a colour I restricted to my eyes. I've just applied a coat of Racing Green and wonder where it's been all my life. It's so beautiful.

The pansy printed Accessorize clutch arrived mid week, and although I loved the print, I was disappointed with the quality of the bag. Unfortunately, it was very thin and felt like a wash bag so I sent it back. It certainly wasn't worth the sale price of £18 let alone it's original price of £25. It's since been reduced further.

Thankfully, the pansy printed satchel my Sister bought me for my birthday was much better quality and very cute. It's such a lovely casual bag and looks good over a dress and denim jacket. It's the perfect day bag; not too big, not too small, and comfortable over my shoulders (very important)! I can imagine myself using it for day trips and shopping sprees when I'm more mobile. It's now down to just £11 in the Accessorize sale.

Well, that's me penniless for another week... but at least I've done well with the sales this season.

What have you been buying?



  1. i tried the trousers on it the shop and they were really baggy on me so i think sizing down will be a good thing hope your feeling a little better or start to very soon xx

    1. Ooh that's reasuring! I don't like trousers to be too baggy, but I worry about them being too fitted and unforgiving on the lumps and bumps. I guess I'll soon find out! Thanks Rachel. I'll be fine xx

  2. Oh no, hope you are feeling better soon :(

    I have the matchstick trousers in my size and they are a bit big on me so I'm sure you'll be fine. I'm loving the jewellery. Shame the clutch wasn't what you expected.

    Can't wait to see you rocking the trousers!


    1. Thanks Linz :). I'll be alright. I always am.

      Unfortunately I got an email saying there was insufficient stock to supply the trousers. The bear necklace and frog ring came today, though, and are amazing! xx

  3. hope you feel better soon :( and omfg those green nail polishes, those necklaces...! i'm totally ordering those right now and it's all your fault lol :D

    1. Thanks Hannah. I'll be fine. I'm happy to take the blame for any buying this post may cause! Haha. :) xx

  4. Woooah look who's late... (me)

    I haven't been feeling very well this weekend, so I didn't comment or write back, I'm sorry. BUT now I'm here and I have opinions! Here they are:

    1. I don't think I've really seen you in pants, looking forward to that - I like the second pair especially!
    2. THOSE NAIL POLISHES ADFIHF;ADFJGDF I looove green nail polish but I can never find a decent one. I'll have to try Barry M when I'm in the UK next time :)
    3. Oh noes @ the clutch :(
    4. But yaaay for the satchel! The print really is cute, and I can imagine how well it would go with some denim.

    All lovely things as always, and I hope you're feeling a little better now sweetheart :)

    1. Sorry I've only just got to these comments. I'm sorry you've not been feeling well; I did wonder where you were and if you were okay. I hope you're feeling better now.

      1. That's cos I've barely worn them in months! Dresses are more comfortable on my back. The matchstick trousers couldn't be supplied due to insufficient stock (boo)!
      2. The nail polishes are gorgeous (thanks again, Nita :)). Is there nowhere online you can get hold of them?
      3. It's a shame but I didn't like the quality. And quality is important.
      4. It's a really cute bag and looked nice with the jacket.

      Thanks Nita. Not really but I'll live :)


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