Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I am a wolf among the sheep gnawing at the wool over my eyes

Happy Wednesday, stylish ladies,

At the start of the week, I received an email telling me a pair of match stick trousers I'd ordered and was looking forward to wearing, couldn't be supplied. I was a little disappointed, to say the least. To console myself, I took to the Dorothy Perkins website and started browsing the sale. A dress I'd set my sights on, but had long been out of stock of sizes I could fit in to, came in to view. I clicked on the listing for another admiring glance, and what do you know? My size was back in stock! Hurray! I quickly made the purchase before it could slip away, and treated myself to next day delivery.

And yesterday, the dress arrived; (I wore it like this) and we lived happily ever after...

Sorry about the quality of the pictures above; for some reason the self timer photos come out rather grainy.

I told myself I had to slow down on ordering new dresses, since I've bought so many recently, and the seasons will be changing in the not too distant future. (How depressing is that? We've not even had much of a summer in England this year! Just rain, rain, and more rain!) But, I was happy to make an exception for this lovely dress.

I already have the same dress in the navy polka dot design- although that one is cotton, and this one is made for viscose so the fabric is heavier. It's a good length on me; has an elasticated waist band; and a scalloped trim to the capped sleeves (which I love). The pattern is a mix of flowers and butterflies on a dark lavender background. Not bad for £15 in the sale.

I wore the dress over purple leggings (as they're softer than black) with my new off-white Lovedrobe shrug. I picked up the shrug a couple of weeks ago, and am in love with the design- so much that I now have it in three colours. I accessorised with a cobalt blue keeper belt; my new frog prince ring; and a silver triple necklace.

I've had this necklace for years. And when I say years, I mean I've had it so long I could probably call it vintage. My guess is I've had it for a decade. I've not worn it in a really long time, and I spent three determined hours untangling it  a couple of weeks ago! I don't know how it got in so many knots but the challenge resulted in bruised, numb index fingers and thumbs for me.

The necklace is made of three 'necklaces', with the chains all joined together. It has two faux lockets, and a key.

I would have liked to accessorize this dress with a lilac belt, but I don't own one, so went for the cobalt blue one with a little hint of dark pink. I don't feel comfortable in wide belts, but these particular skinny Dorothy Perkins keeper belts are fantastic and comfortable on the waist. I actually bought this belt is several colours as I love them so much.

This is the ASOS frog prince ring I ordered on the weekend, and wore with this dress. Isn't it amazing?!

I won't go in to detail about it now, as I'm going to devote a separate post to my new jewellery finds to keep the length of this post down. Be sure to check back later today for it!

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Shrug: Lovedrobe at New Look
Leggings: New Look
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Ring: ASOS
Necklace: I'm not sure- I think possibly New Look or Dorothy Perkins a very long time ago
Nail Polish: Barry M Racing Green



  1. Oh, that frog is just too cute!:)
    Would love to hear your opinion about my newest post and the whole "Kate Upton is fat" deal. Hope you can stop by!;)
    Diana from

    1. Thank you :)
      I've read and commented this evening. It's shocking!

  2. aw, lovely outfit, i LOVE it when that happens with things that go out of stock online! xxx

    1. Thanks Hannah :). I do, too! xx

  3. lovely dress and i like your blog a lot!
    i'm a new follower from germany! <3

    1. Thank you very much, and thanks for following :)

  4. i love it you look great the ring is too cute! xx

    1. Thanks hun. The ring is the best thing ever! xx

  5. Huuuurm I still want a cardi like that... it's sooo pretty! And so are you, of course :)

    Let me know if a Prince pops up when you kiss the frog, maybe I'll give it a try, too^^ Seriously though, super cute accessories as always!

    1. I couldn't recommend those cardis more- you need to hop over to New Look and get one/some! Aw thanks Nita.

      I've tried already, and sadly it didn't bring me a Mikey Graham/Ronan Keating/Mike Shinoda/Caleb Followill/Channing Tatum shaped prince. Damn!

  6. Looking good lady, love the dress and the accessories are amazing x

    1. Thanks very much :). The accessories are my new favourite things x


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