Tuesday, 24 July 2012

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On the weekend I discovered something which made me giddy with excitement; Lush had just launched their new make up range Emotional Brilliance!

I haven't been this excited over a make up range since I discovered their late sister company B Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful. If there is such a thing as make up heaven, B was mine. It was a fabulous treasure trove of elegantly packaged and cruelty free make up and cosmetics. I would set aside a small fortune to spend there each time I was in London, and come away with a big bag of trinkets on every visit. It was my love of B that helped make coloured eyeshadows and liners my signature look.

Just look at how pretty their make up was...

Images found through Google; none of the above belong to me.

Then, a couple of years ago, the company folded. I was devastated. I held on to my collection as long as I could, but eventually, as the liquids and creams dried up and the powders expired, I had to let go.  I unwillingly moved on. I started looking for a new brand to love. I eventually found solice in Inglot, but nothing will ever compare to what used to be. All I have left now is a set of glittery make up brushes and the memories of what used to be.

So, you can imagine my glee when I heard about Lush's new make up launch.

Emotional Brilliance launched on Saturday, and is a range of beautiful eyeshadows, eyeliners, and lipsticks in gorgeous bold and shimmering colours which are handmade from natural ingredients. As with all of Lush's cosmetics, the make up is cruelty free, and if these products couldn't sound any better, they're also vegan!

When you first log on to the website, you're able to 'spin a wheel' full of all the shades and asked to pick the first three colours that you're drawn to. Apparently the colours you're drawn to say a lot about you. Each eyeshadow, liner, and lipstick relates to a mood or feeling (the three I was drawn to were Healthy (how ironic!), Vibrance, and Believe) and a bit like a horoscope, each product tells you a bit more about yourself.

The Lush website provides tips on how to wear the make up, and explain that the beautiful colours don't set straight away which gives you time to blend the products to your preferred soft or vibrant look.

The following are a few of my favourites...

When I started writing this post on Sunday 22nd (I had this lined up in my drafts), I was trying to narrow down which one to try first. I'm in love with Healthy, Calm, Happiness, and Sophisticated. I eventually chose to buy 'Happiness' first as it reminds me of an old favourite.

The colours remind me of the B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful cream make up, and from the website, I see many familiar shades. Whether or not the make up is the same I don't know, (although I suspect it is!), but I can't wait to find out. I have a feeling I'll be making it my mission to collect the whole range.

Although these two are not the same, I used to have a B eyeliner just like Happiness. The products look similar, though, right?

I also discovered Lush also sell mascara, face powders, and colour supplements (foundations), although my former-Lush-employee-Sister informs me they've stocked the bases for a while now. As a big Lush fan and regular Lush shopper, I can't believe I missed these! My Sister tells me they're just like the B ones were.

I bought the Jackie Oates colour supplement, along with the eyeshadow, and a 'Sexy Peel soap. I hope to pick up the Emotional Brilliance powder soon.

What do you think? Are you going to give Emotional Brilliance a try? Which is your favourite?

Did you ever shop at B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful?

P.S. I wasn't asked to promote this make up range, I'm just genuinely excited about such beautiful make up as it reminds me of old favourites.


  1. I really like the packaging I like the red lipsticks but I think they are a little out of my price range xx

    1. They're a little out of mine right now too but will just collect them one or two at a time each payday xx

  2. been lusting after these, my brother gave me motivation as he works at lush. i REALLY want fantasy! xxx

  3. i love your new layout, great cosmetics too x


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