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10 Day You Challenge: Six Places

Day Five: Six Places

Today I'm going to share a handful of my favourite places in the world. I'm not well travelled outside of the UK and Ireland. I've only once left Europe, and the only other European country I've been to besides the five countries that make up the UK and Ireland is France.

1. Cornwall

North Cornwall is absolutely stunning, renowned for it's sandy beaches and surfing lifestyle, and my favourite part of the country. The beaches are absolute paradise for me. If I could live anywhere in England, I would live there and learn to surf.

 Most of my childhood summer holidays were spent with my family in a luxury caravan for a week or two in a seaside village near Newquay. We'd spend most of our time on the beach; and I'd spend most of the time in the sea with a body board blissfully happy in the waves. I've always had such a love and connection to the sea. Those holidays continued in to my teens, and bring back so many good memories for me. My sisters and I actually spent three of the last five summers returning to the same place we stayed as kids for a week at a time as we love the area so much.

My favourite beaches are Perranporth Beach and Perran Sands Beach which are two beaches joined together and at low tide you can walk between the two.

I took these two photos on Perran Sands beach in 2010. Heaven.

2. New York

When I finally visited NYC last summer, it was more perfect then I ever could have imagined. It was my first visit to America and my first trip out of Europe. Everything was vibrant and exciting. The height of the buildings took my breath away; and it was amazing to see every iconic New York landmark I'd only ever admired from afar through films and TV. I enjoyed every moment of the week, and made some of the best memories of my life.

I felt more like myself in New York then I'd ever felt in my life. It was the first time I'd felt completely comfortable with my figure in a long time. I felt so carefree wandering about with my legs uncovered, something I feel so self-conscious about in England and rarely do. I've felt much more comfortable with who I am ever since ever since that holiday.

New York is also one of the last happy memories I have from before my injury put my life on hiatus.

Up in the clouds. The view from The Empire State Building at 11pm one night.

3. London

I love getting on a bus or train and going to London. It's only about two hours (three at most, depending on transport and traffic) from home, so I've headed there for the day several times a year during most of my twenties. I love the diversity of the city and how much there is to do and explore there.

When I visit London, I usually go with one or both of my Sisters. We're quite close and do a lot of things together as friends would. Past trips usually involved a shopping trip to Camden, Covent Garden, and/or Oxford Street, and often a trip to Selfridges or Harrods. We've visited for concerts; gone to several musicals in the West End; gone out for dinner; acted like tourists by taking tour buses around the sights; gotten heat stroke on said tour bus due to a traffic jam caused by a Gay Pride parade (which looked like so much fun!) in 33 degree heat (not so fun); taken boat rides along the Thames; gone for Tattoos twice; gone to the zoo, and even visited a museum or two. I have so many good memories of London, yet I can never get enough and still have so much to explore. It really is as great as it's made out to be.

Instagram London July 2011

4. Sandbanks Beach

There's a gorgeous beach in Poole (South England) called Sandbanks that my parents would take us to for the day at least once each summer growing up.  The beach is soft and sandy, and the sea is calm (unlike those in Cornwall). I've got so many memories of lying through an inflatable rubber ring and letting the small waves glide me along to shore. I've never been one to sunbathe. Though I did almost drown there once when I was eleven or twelve when my Sister and I went too far out of our depth, but when I got my Sister on to the rocks and made it back to shore, I went back in the water almost straight away. Even after that it's still a place I love to reminisce about.

I haven't got an image of Sandbanks beach on my laptop, but this is one I took in nearby Bournemouth last summer. The beaches are very similar.

5. Dublin

Dublin is such a beautiful city and the people are so friendly. I could listen to the Irish talk all day. I've had some brilliant times with friends there, after going over for a few shows. Whenever I think of Dublin, I just remember how much fun I had with my friend Ros, and how much laughing was involved. I'd love to turn back the clock and relive those trips. I've also visited with my Sister and done the whole touristy thing with her.

This is a photo I took of an iconic statue down O'Connell Street in January 2011.

6. La Palmyre, France

I love France, but in particular a region in the mid-west called Royan. I had several holidays in La Palmyre with my family when I was younger. We'd stay for a week or two at a time. My younger Sister and I would spend most of the holiday, lounging by the pool in the scorching heat (often 40 degrees or more), swimming, reading, and perving over the French lifeguards from behind our sunglasses. Evenings usually involved vodka and pina coladas. At this time of year, there would be fields and fields of giant sunflowers, which are my favourite flower, and the scenery was just stunning. I think those holidays were some of my most relaxing I've had, and I hope to return someday.

I haven't got any photos from France on my laptop, but this is a photo I found online of the pool complex we spent most of our time at. I'd usually be found in or near this pool.

I know this post isn't anything to do with fashion or style, but I've hoped you've enjoyed reading it. If you ever get the chance to visit any of these places, go! I can promise you they're all worth visiting, and doubt you'd come home with regrets.

What are the places that mean the most to you?



  1. Awww this list made me so happy! I love travelling and I'm currently preparing for some trips later this year, so I'm totally in the mood for a post like this.

    Cornwall is definitely on my list of places to see some day, since you've sent me that link. It's just so beautiful, and it looks like I might be able to go outside without getting a sunburn, on a cloudy day. Yaaay Cornwall!

    My parents also used to take me to France as a kid, I have so many memories of that... :)

    Also, omg, NY and London... so beautiful! Makes me want to go pack my bags and get on a plane today :) Thank you for sharing, sweetie!

    1. I love travelling, too, so am jealous of your travel plans lol.

      Cornwall really is beautiful and so laid back, so you must visit sometime. Newquay has an airport btw. The weather there can be absolutley gorgeous one minute, and cold and stormy the next so I'd say you've got a fighting chance of seeing clouds not sunshine!

      France brings back a lot of memories for me, too :)

      NY and London are both gorgeous cities and both essential places to visit, as you well know :). You're welcome, and thank you for leaving a nice message :)


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