Monday, 4 June 2012

Take a look and you'll see in to your imagination...

No outfits from me today. I'm having that lazy pyjama day I avoided yesterday.

While everyone in Britain (and I'm sure elsewhere, too) has been celebrating the Queen's Jubilee and going jubilee mad, I've been lying in bed belting out some tunes from the old iPod (Nickelback mostly), and browsing accessories online again.

What? Again? you might ask? Well, I've actually been searching for a few pretty things to bulk out my Sister's birthday parcel to send off to her in a few days, and window shopping for accessories for myself at the same time. Doesn't hurt to look, right?

I've long admired the phenomenal shoes from Irregular Choice; every time I go in to Schuh I can't help but drool over them, but I didn't realise they also did accessories until Rachel from A Dress Is For Life blogged about her amazing pieces. So, in the wee hours of the morning, I found their website and took a peek. And, well, you can see how amazing some of their jewellery is! I particularly love the carousel necklace, closely followed by the horse pendant. I doubt the rings would fit my fingers, but they're so cute I'd happily wear them on a chain as a necklace if they didn't.

The same goes for these Accessorize rings. They're all gorgeous, but I would have to try them for size first. I don't have the biggest hands, but my fingers aren't the skinniest, either. I'm loving the black rose, and the rose knuckle-duster.

The range of necklaces from Accessorize is quite diverse at the moment. I prefer wearing long necklaces and am attracted to quirky charms and pendants. I didn't find many necklaces to my taste this time, but the above selection is still lovely. The leaf with the pearls is my favourite out of the eight.

I love each of these sets of studs- how cute are the pears in the fruity set?!  The music themed set is right up my street- stars, cassettes, musical notes... it's like it was made for me! The leaves are larger than I usually go for with earrings, but they're so nice I may just have to give them a try.

This is a random selection of other accessories that leaped out at me. I know everybody is accessorising with moustaches and they're being so overdone, but for some reason they make me chuckle. The two charm bracelet watches are really cute, and the pearl hairband is so pretty.

Away from costume jewellery and hair accessories, Accessorize also has some fantastic other bits and bobs overshadowed by all their beautiful bags, scarves, and their other larger beauties. I've fallen in love with the vintage inspired collection which has pansies on almost each piece. I love pansies. There's something very English about them, and they always make me think of Alice in Wonderland which I've loved since I was young. I really really really need the blackberry cover (bottom left)- I mean, look at it! It's beautiful! Frivolous, maybe, but beautiful. Between you and me, I've chosen something from the range for my Sister, but I won't tell you which!

I'm intrigued by their make up range- this lime eye shadow looks just like one I used to have from Two-Faced which I can't find anymore! They have quite a large selection of nail polishes, too, which I may check out soon. Their nail wraps are all so pretty. The Union Jack vanity case is stunning, and not that I need another wash bag, but, I love the 'Rocking Robin' design of this one (top right), as well as the union jack butterfly wallet beneath it.

I have a feeling my wages aren't going to last me long this month!

Which piece is your favourite?

Where do you buy your accessories?



  1. Great picks as always, I especially love everything Union Jack themed! :)

    1. Thanks Nita. I love union jack prints even though i'm not really very patriotic!

  2. We are twinning again I was on the IC website today picking my wants for a post! I love all the accessories esp the moustache earrings xx

    1. We must be telepathic without realising it! They have some amazing pieces right now. I'll be doing a Your Fashion Jewellery one next as I've got a discount code to promote xx

  3. All those accessories are only gorgeous!! xox

    1. Aren't they?! My bank balance isn't going to be happy this month! Haha xx

  4. oh no! now i want everything! :/ xxx

    1. So do I! There'll be no pennies left for me this month haha xx


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