Saturday, 30 June 2012


I'm not here to talk to you about a riot in an English country garden, or suggesting there's been an uproar at a flower show... I mean, there might have been, but I'm talking about my new obsession with Accessorize's range of pansy printed beauties.

I've loved pansies ever since I was a little girl. There's something so friendly about their little faces, and something so English. It's a flower that can be found in most gardens, and one I've always associated with the my childhood, and the classic childhood favourite Alice in Wonderland. They're instantly recognisable, but until recently pansies had rarely adorned anything fashionable.

So, you can imagine my delight when I came across these friendly multi-coloured accessories in the Accessorize sale. I think I let out a squeal and instantly found myself in love with them all.

How lovely is this beautiful little satchel? I asked my little Sister to order it for my upcoming birthday, and she kindly did. It's going to be such a cute day bag, and for just £15 a bargain, too.

I love this clutch bag so much, I had to have it, too. Well, I couldn't leave it all alone in a dark dusty warehouse, now, could I? Of course not! It was a steal at just £18 on sale. If it's as lovely as it looks it will get a lot of use.

I purchased this little mirror for my older Sister's birthday when it was still full price, and she loves it. I was sorry to give it away as it's so nice, and am trying to restrain myself from buying one for myself now it's down to £3.

And, I'm also loving this pretty floral scarf. It looks so summery and would look lovely over a dress with a denim jacket. It's now £18 on sale.

At these prices, I don't think these beauties will be around for long.

Which one is your favourite?

What are your favourite flowers?

P.S. My favourite flowers (besides pansies), are sunflowers, irises, and yellow tulips. The simple ones are the best.


  1. I love the bags they are so cute I love floral patterns on clothes but i don't like real flowers my hubby has never bought me any I much prefer chocolates and shoes! Lol xx

    1. Aren't they?! I hope they're as nice in real life. I think chocolates and shoes are better than flowers anyday, and would prefer a floral dress/ accessory than real flowers myself. But I do think they're pretty too xx

  2. Oooh I love flower prints! My favorites are peonies, but I seldom find anything with that print...
    Congrats on finding these! The colors of the bag and clutch make me really happy for some reason :D

    Irises are pretty, too, but they have a really really weird name in Romanian, I'm not even sure if I should type that here^^

    1. I do, too, but I don't often buy patterned bags. Peonies are pretty. There's something so cheerful about the bright colours on them :)

      Haha you'll have to tell me by email!

  3. i need more hang bags!! i do adore floral though!

    1. We can never have too many bags! Thanks for commenting :)


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