Saturday, 9 June 2012

Oh this old thing? I've had it for ages...

Well, as you may have already noticed, I've given the blog an entire revamp (yet again). I've been struggling to come up with a design I was happy with, and as a perfectionist, I continued to improve it until I was. And I finally think I'm there. What do you guys think? Can you read and see everything easily?

I've spent the last couple of days curled up in bed browsing through all the online shops that came to mind. I decided to put off buying the jewellery I have my eye on, and stocked up on lots of cardigans, a new dress, some underwear, and a jumpsuit instead. It's been a little while since I've had any money in my bank, and it seems unlikely it'll be in there for long!

You're probably sick to death of seeing me wear these cropped cardigans, but they're so versatile and just the right shape and style to wear over dresses in the summer. I already have them in four colours from last summer, but picked up another three, and got the yellow to replace my existing faded one. I was only going to get two, but couldn't decide between the three pastel shades, so took advantage of the two for £18 offer and the free delivery New Look were offering the other day. I also picked up the coral Lovedrobe crochet shrug as I'm loving the colour at the moment.

My Ax Paris yellow polka dot dress came yesterday; less than twenty-four hours after I ordered it from them! It's gorgeous! I'm going to hold off using it for an OOTD until the pastel cardigans and belts I ordered arrive. I'm thinking mint would go perfectly with it.

I've also been browsing through Asda's clothing line 'George'. I only realised they had an online shop a couple of months back, and I can assure you this is a wonderful thing! I bought the parrot print jumpsuit and the flamingo cardigan, along with a few bras which only cost £4-6 each!! The bras came this morning, and they're unbelievably lovely and pretty, and I just can't believe the price. I'm sure anybody above a 38 knows how difficult it is to find pretty bras that don't cost the earth.

Continuing on my hunt for pretty cardigans; I stumbled across this cute polka dot one by F+F at Tesco this afternoon. I've been searching everywhere for nice patterned cardis the past few days, and they're few and far between. There are a couple on the Forever 21 website I'm coveting, though! I snapped up the polka dot Tesco cardi, and then headed over to ASOS where I bought these pastel belts. I'm just hoping they're not too big on me as I love the colours!

I can't wait for all my purchases to be delivered so I can update a few outfits!

There are still lots of other things I'm lusting after, but I will hold off for now or I'll be back in my overdraft quicker than you can say 'shopaholic'. I'll put together a few of my new favourites finds for another post.



  1. i love that tesco cardigan i spot a few things i have twinny :) love the new look you can read everything fine btw xx

    1. They had it in a black spot as well but didn't have my size left or I would have bought it too. Thanks twinny! Haha. I wanted to make sure it was readable for you guys, too. xx

  2. I love your new layout! The fonts you used are great, especially in this size. I can read everything fine. The colors are amazing, too, I haven't seen too many blogs with this color theme. So thumbs up from Nita :)

    asdfhgfd that flamingo cardigan need to be on my body... too bad I'm still in saving money mode! Once again you picked such wonderful pieces, but that was to be expected from you :) Can't wait to see you wear them!

    1. Thanks, Nita. I felt the old font was a bit large. I was worried that the sidebar being transparent would be an issue. I do love a bit of teal. :)

      I think it was only about £12 or £15. I think one little purchase wouldn't hurt you... I thought my picks were a bit boring, but I'm in desperate need of new cardis so practicality took over. I can't wait to get them!!

  3. i noticed the new layout, i really like it. the teal is fresh and pretty (: ooh, well anyway, i'm jealous of your haul. so glad you ordered the yellow dress and can't wait to see it paired with mint! love the jumpsuit though but playsuits/jumpsuits annoy me unless it's the height of summer and you don't have to layer anything over them cos otherwise getting them on and off in the bathroom is such a pain haha! :/ i love those pastel belts too, i think they'd really effectively brighten up an outfit, i might get some myself xxx

    1. Thanks Hannah! It took me about six hours to transform it, so I'm glad you like it. The yellow dress really is lovely, and I'm looking forward to doing an OOTD with it. Yeah, jumpsuits are a pain- it's best to hold off the fluids if you're out haha. But I love jumpsuits. They're probably the closest you can get to wearing pyjamas outside. I'm sure there are similar ones in the straight sized range xx

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  4. Hey Louise,

    I googled for cardigans and came across your blog. :)
    Love your new collection. Wonder if they are still available, could you pleeease send the link where its available (if it still is available that is) :).



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