Thursday, 28 June 2012

Lady in red...

I fully intended to do an outfit of the day post yesterday, but I spent the day in a sorry state with a fever and stomach cramps and couldn't get out of my pyjamas. I did manage to read a lot of my book, though, (Stephen King's IT), and I'm finally nearing the end. Just 120 pages or so left of the 1400 page monster. It's been a challenge, since I didn't even enjoy reading it until I passed the 1000 page mark- which is unheard of with King's novels.

I'm thankfully feeling much better today, but my spine hasn't yet recovered from the missed medication. Thankfully the sunshine and heat have put a smile on my face today, along with a couple of my purchases arriving in the post.

Like my new ASOS shirt dress...

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you've probably heard me go on and on about how much I've wanted this dress. I've been admiring it since it landed online, and finally caved this week when it went in the sale. I wasn't waiting for it to go on sale (I almost bought it the day before it did); I just postponed making a purchase while I picked up the cheaper pieces I loved first. The dress was discounted on the same day I came in to some money, so I couldn't hold back any longer.

I personally love it, but got mixed opinions from family members. My older Sister (who is staying while she's on placement) loves it; my mother says it's "too plain for me". But that's just it. I've always wanted to own a classic shirt dress, and something away from my normal printed choices.

It's the perfect length for me, and has sleeves that sit up to half way down my upper arms (they're elasticated so move with me, as you can see in these photos they've pulled up). The waist actually has some stretch to it. I love the little details that set it apart from a boring basic: the peter pan collar, and the panel that runs from collar to hem to hide the buttons. And I also adore the colour. I think red is a colour that actually suits my colouring, but for some reason, I barely own any red clothing anymore!

A peek at the buttons concealed within the fabric. They're fully functional, as well.

I paid £22.00 instead of the original £32.00.

I don't like to wear too many accessories when the weather is hot and muggy like today. I dug out my green apple necklace, and my flower ring which my Mum informed me is actually Jade. I've had it for about five years and never realised! I'd also painted my nails mint, which matched the ring, but I didn't leave them to set long enough and wrecked them using the camera. Oops.

I'll admit I got too hot, and ended up removing the tights not long after I snapped the photos.

I think this dress is very versatile, and would work nicely with a nautical theme. I've already thought of another outfit for it involving my lovely striped satchel (on the door in the photos).

Dress: ASOS
Tights: Evans
Necklace: Miss Selfridge
Ring: From a local shop

Do you own the perfect shirt dress? Do you like to wear red?



  1. asdjhfg;sdfjhg hyperventilating. This dress is even better in real life than I thought it would be. Hands down my favorite look of yours so far!

    It fits you really well I think, and the length and placement of the waist are just perfect for you. The Peter Pan collar and hidden buttons make it even better! It's not too plain, I don't think, the color is a statement in and of itself and you really don't need much to stand out in this. Congrats on such a great purchase sweetie, especially since you got it a little cheaper! :D

    Sadly I can't wear most shirt dresses because Le Bags o' Fun tend to make it impossible to button them. Maybe I'll have something made for me some day... when I have too much Money... or something^^

    1. Oh and I'm so sorry to hear about your fever and cramps :((( ♥

    2. Thank you!! The first thing I thought when I put it on was that it's very Nita! It's not my favourite look, but it's a winner! Just need the right accessories.

      I've gained a couple of pounds recently, so once I've tackled that it'll be even better. I love the length, and am glad the waist is actually in the right place for a change! I agree, I personally don't think it's too plain due to all the little things. Thank you, hun.

      I don't usually like wearing shirts because they gape on me and I have to go up a couple of sizes and then I look drowned (I had to wear a man's shirt at work because of this problem and I looked awful), but I've not got a problem with this dress thankfully. They should make shirts for different cup sizes, I think! I hope you find one that works for you eventually. :)

    3. Don't worry about me, I'm fine Nita, but thank you. You're so nice xx

    4. Ahahah, what a lovely compliment! Merci beaucoup ^-^

      It's your body and your choice of course, do whatever makes you happy, but don't put too much pressure on yourself, mkay? You're wonderful the way you are, I hope you know that :)

      Wait what... shirts for cup sizes?! I had no idea! I've got to look that up when I have the time, ty!

    5. You're welcome.

      Aw thank you, Nita. I'm not obsessing over a few extra pounds, as there's nothing I can do about them in my immobile state. C'est la vie. I'll be back at my natural size when I'm on the go again. I'm more comfortable with myself than I've ever been, but the last few pounds have made me feel stodgy, if that makes sense. Physically, not mentally.

      No, they don't make shirts in cup sizes, I'm just saying they should! It makes sense to me, anyway!

  2. I love it it's really cute and looks great I prefer a pattern to a solid colour I don't think I own much without a pattern xx

    1. Thank you, Rachel :). I'm exactly the same. I like my patterns! I'd say 95% of the wardrobe is probably all patterned xx

  3. that dress looks amazing! perfect xxx

    1. Thank you Hannah :). You're so nice xx

  4. I love red - it's one of my wedding colours! This dress is awesome. I may have to purchase it after seeing how lovely it looks on you!

    Oh and Bravissimo (Pepperberry) do cup sized shirts!


    1. Aww your wedding is going to be gorgeous! My sister had red in her wedding, and my Auntie actually had a red wedding dress for hers. I think it would suit you well, Linz :)

      See, I knew it was a valid idea!! x

  5. the dress is gorgeous on you! and yay you have reminded me i have a black one i need to dig out x


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