Friday, 22 June 2012

Clothes or cosmetics?

Hey guys,

Hope you're having a great start to the weekend.

My Friday afternoon was spent curled up listening to the wind screaming and the rain lashing down outside while watching a couple of movies (The Time Traveller's Wife, and The Holiday FYI), and catching up with a few magazines.

It was particularly refreshing to read this week's body-positive, curve-celebrating issue of Look magazine, and to see normal bodies being loved instead of criticised. Well done,  Look! I personally would have loved to see more curvy ladies of all shapes and sizes featured, but I commend them for focusing on something most wouldn't.

From reading it, I learned that a few brands sold larger sizes than I realised (Zara, Oasis and Wallis go up to an 18, and Gap to a 20- who knew)?! and I picked up a few tips from fashion bloggers like Sian who were also featured in the magazine. Well done, Sian, for being featured in such a great issue!

I'm back in my crazy altered Aztec dress today. The pattern is totally mad but I love it! It originally hit mid-calf on me, but I had it shortened to work better for my shape. I finally picked up some black tights to wear with it; all I need now is a biker jacket to give it an edge. I've teamed it with black accessories to tone the madness down!

The dress has an unusual crochet collar; perhaps something I should avoid wearing in the sun to prevent an elaborate patterned sun burn! From a distance it just looks like a black panel, but up close the detail is intricate and pretty.

I thought it was time to give the Topshop studded slippers another appearance, and to stack lots of black bracelets on my wrist. Most were part of a set from Dorothy Perkins, but the two silver ones were a gift. I also added a pair of black studs, and a black skinny belt.

Dress: ASOS
Tights: Evans
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Earrings: Accessorize
Silver and black bracelets: A gift from my bestie
All other bracelets: Part of a set from Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Topshop

I'm trying to decide whether to buy a new dress OR to take advantage of The Body Shop's buy 3 get 3 free offer that's currently running, to buy make up and toiletries. The items currently in my basket come to £44 instead of £78... I do need the moisturiser, and have wanted the blusher and under eye concealer since I ran out months ago. But I can't decide whether or not I can justify it.

Do you splurge more on clothes or cosmetics?

Oh, and does anyone know if there's a way of following Blogger blogs when they don't have the Google Friend Connect button, but in a way that adds them to the reading list? 



  1. when I can't find a friend connect button, I copy the URL of the blog, go to my dashboard, click "add" under "reading list", something pops up, I paste the URL and click follow. And that's it :)

    I looove your accessories today, even though I'm not really an edgy/rocker type of person. Especially the black lace is so pretty!

    You know, 44squid is a great deal for all that stuff, and you *do* need some of it... idk, I'd get it! *awful enabling friend*
    If you decided to place an order, let me know what that orange stuff in the upper right corner smells like, you have great taste and I'm looking for something citrus-y :)

    1. Nita, you are a genius! I never even thought to click the add button *face palm*. If I just bookmark something I always forget to check it regularly. Problem solved! Yay!

      Thanks hun :) I do have a rockier side, but haven't shown it a lot since I was injured. I love studs and a bit of an edge.

      Haha I always encourage people to shop. I just can't decide whether I want a dress more...

      The orange thing is the satsuma body butter, and I 100% recommend the satsuma scented products as it's my favourite body shop scent next to coconut. I love the bath/shower gel, body scrub, body polish... any of those will leave your skin smelling pleasantly orangey but not in an overwhelming way. :)

    2. haha, don't worry about it, I'm normally not very gifted when it comes to the interwebs but learned this by chance ^-^

      It's your choice really, but I'd get the cosmetics. It's a limited offer and there'll be plenty of dresses later. Unless of course you're thinking of a dress that's on sale right now, in which case I'd take both^-^ idk, which would you be sadder if you missed, the dress or the offer at TBS? (as you might have noticed, shopping is srs bsns to me)

      I'm trying hard to remember that Satsuma stuff... I know I heard of it before, but I don't really remember. Guess I'm getting old. I'll try it when I get the chance :)

    3. The sad thing is, I'm usually alright with it!

      I know it's such a great offer to get three things free when there are three things I wanted to buy in the first place... although I'm not sure if it's stupid buying make up when I'm in a situation where I rarely leave my bed... There are several dresses I want but sure they would still be there in a couple of weeks. Haha very serious.

      The satsuma range has been around for years, so you've probably seen it at some point. Definitely worth a cheeky purchase! You're not allowed to say you're getting old when I'm older than you!!

  2. i love that dress it so cute i really wanted it and the playsuit in the same print as I'm on a shopping ban i will have to shop through you so yes buy buy ! lol xx

    1. Thanks Rachel :). The dress is in the sale now so maybe a treat will be in order once you lift your ban?! It's very long though, and will come down to your calves if not your ankles without adjustments. Haha! I can't decide if I should buy clothes or the body shop stash xx

    2. Id go clothes over cosmetics every time ! Xx

    3. I normally do too... but I've a birthday in 10 days... and 2 dresses coming from my parents, plus two shrugs on the way... decisions, decisions... xx

  3. serious outfit envy, i want those slippers so badly! xxx

    1. Snap them up if you can; they're lush! xx

  4. I still want these shoes! Loving the dress on you too! If you find a biker jacket - let me know, I've been on the look out for one myself x

    1. You need to get them if they're still available! Thanks Linz :). Maybe there'll be some good ones around for A/W, but I'll of course let you know if I find one x


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