Saturday, 2 June 2012

"Beauty is pain"? Doesn't have to be that way for animals...

Evening guys and gals,

Hope everyone's having a great weekend so far. What are you all up to on this extra long Jubilee weekend?

I've been having a mammoth listening sesh to Linkin Park this afternoon, working my way through all  of their studio albums while catching up on all your blog posts. Considering I was studying for my GCSEs when their first album came out I'm now feeling so old! (Twenty-seven next month. Bad times).

I also painted my nails with the lilac Ciaté nail polish "Purple Sherbert" that came free with this month's issue of Marie Claire magazine.

Ciaté is a brand I'd never heard of or ever came across before.

The packaging says "Long lasting full coverage nail enamel with mouth-watering shades that are teffically "bang on trend" with names that scream "modern day woman". Flawless painting made easier with optimum 250 bristle flat brush. Ergonomically designed to enable maximum control with a long handle and curved bottle to sit comfortably in your hand."

When I looked closer at the small type, I read that the nail polishes are also "never tested on animals, only on humans." Straight away this sold the nail polish to me. I don't agree with animals being tested on for the sake of beauty, and try to pick up cruelty free alternatives as much as possible. Nail polish is that one product I struggle to find cruelty free.

I loved the little bow on the front of the bottle, and found the shape easy to work with. The nail polish glided on really easily, too. I apply my nail colours in the classic three stripe rule- one down the middle of the nail, followed by one either side.

I don't have the steadiest of hands, but I didn't have difficulty applying three coats of this enamel to my nails! It dried super quickly- by the time I'd finished a coat on one hand, the other was dry and ready for another! Another bonus! I hate waiting an age for my nails to set properly.

I haven't worn a lilac nail polish since my mid teens but I'm in love with this polish. The colour is, as described, "bang on trend", and a nice change from the bold colours I usually go for. It's also a great way of embracing the pastel colour trend, without investing in clothes that don't suit your skin tone. I think the polish is exactly as described, and I'd give it 5/5 as I couldn't fault it!

I'm definitely going to try a few of their other colours. I just had a look on the website and they have 70+ colours at £9.00 each. The packaging also gives a 15% off code for shopping online by applying ciatemc12 online until the end of July. I'd start by buying the other shades with the magazine first to grab a bargain!

Disclaimer: This review is in my own words, from my own thoughts and opinions, and not those of another party. I've not been asked or sponsored to review this product, nor have I taken any money to review this product. I simply wanted to share a product that I enjoyed using.

I couldn't take a good photo of what I've been wearing today, so I altered it with a filter.

I'm wearing a tribal print tunic I've not worn in ages, purple leggings, and a black cardigan, with purple sandals and lots of black beaded bracelets.

♥ Tunic: Dorothy Perkins
♥ Leggings: New Look
♥ Shrug: New Look
♥ Shoes: Evans
♥ Bracelets: Some were a gift, some a part of a set from Dorothy Perkins
♥ Finger nail polish: Ciaté
♥ Toe nail polish: Barry M

Have you tried Ciaté before, or do you know of  any other cruelty free nail polish brands?



  1. Oh hey, a little edgier than usual today, but I like it! I think this style suits you :D

    I think it's great that you care about animals, I always try to buy non-animal tested stuff, too.

    And there's no shame in growing older imo, you'll be just as fabulous at 27 as you are now, I'm sure of this! :)

    1. I do have an edgier side, but I haven't shown it much so far on here. Thanks :)

      I just think it's horrible that animals suffer because of our obsession over skincare and make up. I don't see how testing on another species if adequate research, anyway, and helpless animals shouldn't suffer for the sake of beauty.

      I don't think there is either. I'll give it my best shot haha :)

  2. i love todays post i don't agree with animal testing for beauty either the polish is really nice i have 6 days off work and am excited yey! enjoy your weekend xx

    1. Thanks, Rachel :). I don't know how people can justify harming helpless animals. Makes me mad. Ooh enjoy! And, by the way- I'll blame you for my empty bank balance when I'm done with the Dolly Darling when pay day comes around! Enjoy your week off! xx

  3. Hi Louise!:) Cool nail polish. I'm wearing a very similar one and let me tell you our hands look exactly the same...I mean, it's like they're twins or something!lol I'm also against animal testing and try to buy only products that guarantee that. Great to know of one more brand that is ethical.
    I really liked the blog and will be following you.;)
    I'd love for you to visit my blog and let me know what you think.
    ps- I love freckles! :)

    1. Thank you, Diana. Yay, I've finally found my hand twin! Haha. I'm glad you're against animal testing, too. Thanks for following; I've checked your blog out and given you a follow :)

  4. wow i genuinely thought animal testing was banned for cosmetics - thank you for enlightening me - i will now check - love tribal, so earthy - and getting older means you care a whole lot less what people think and gives freedom to be who you want to be x

    1. Nooo it's still used by most companies, unfortunately. Poor bunnies and dogs (especially beagles) and other good natured animals are tortured for the sake of our beauty every day. :( Lush and The Body Shop are cruelty free, and I *think* so is Mac. That is so true about caring less as time goes on. I'm finally becoming more comfortable with myself and not so worried about how others see me now.

  5. Hey Louise!

    Great blog, I am a sucker for nail polish and I'm digging that color. Thanks for sharing the info about animal testing, now I'll be more aware when picking out a new polish.

    Your new follower,

    1. Thanks Meggie! I'm glad this post raised a little awareness. Thanks for following; I've followed you right back :)

  6. Cout nails and cute outfit!

    Maybe want to follow each other? Let me know on my blog ^^

    XX Tali

    1. Thanks Tali. I've given you a follow :)


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