Saturday, 19 May 2012

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things...

Bored and restless, I ended up having a browse through all the gorgeous dresses online last night. Bad move! There are so many I love and would like to own, but can't afford. Damn you, sick pay!

Dorothy Perkins maxis

I especially love the style of the animal print and tribal maxis centre. I have a colourful maxi in the same style, and I love the shape, style and fit. They're also a little different to the standard floral or bird print dresses that are always everywhere. (Not that I can fault a floral or bird print)! I'd love all of these dresses for strolling around in the sunshine.

Dorothy Perkins Midis

I've expressed my love of the floral dress (top and centre) before, and I still love it so it gets another appearance. I'm in love with the polka dot peplum dress, which is unlike anything I own, and the grey daisy midi (top right) is another new fave.

Dorothy Perkins

How beautiful are these pretty printed dresses?

I love the delicate shades of the Olivia Rubin designs on the left, although I'm not sure if the colour would just wash my very pale skin out.

And the yellow and blue floral dress (bottom centre)  is equally gorgeous.


Anchors, colour, pastels, broderie anglaise, cut out detail. These are all reasons why I like these dresses, and why I can always rely on ASOS for something bang on trend.

I happily buy from the curve range, even if I am a little smaller, because I love their dresses and can always get them altered instead of missing out on something great.

I'm particularly in love with the pastel rainbow-trimmed dress, and the gorgeous broderie anglaise dress (top right). I can never resist a pretty broderie anglaise design. It's all about the little details!

Which is your favourite?

What are you lusting after?



  1. those dresses are all so cute my flamingo one came today its a little tight across the bust but i love it so I'm keeping it xx

    1. Oh no! I hope it loosens up a bit as you wear it. Maybe some kind of shapewear might help? I have the opposite problem- too much fabric around mine! Can't wait to see you wear yours! xx

    2. I don't think shap wear would make a diff it's the girls trying to break free lol I like how it looks just wish there was a tad more boob room xx

    3. I'm sure you'll look gorgeous in it anyway xx

  2. these are great style picks. i love dresses period! :) i especially love maxis right now. :)

    you have a lovely sunday!!


    1. Thank you Jasmine! I can never resist a good maxi! Hope you have a great Sunday, too :)

  3. oh another person doing the challenge, woop woop! following for sure. my favs have to be the midi's, perfect length for me xoxo

    1. Thanks! I love seeing what everyone else comes up with. I'm loving midis right now, too. So pretty and easy to wear xx

  4. so pretty!! i love these dresses too. hmmm.... just wondering if you've ever been contacted by dorothy perkins to run ads for them on your blog or do merchandise-for-reviews for them. it might help w/ extra income or at least getting some awesome dresses gratis. Since you are such a DP-devotee, it seems like you'd be an ideal blogger for them to partner with. And you wouldn't have to leave home. =)

    1. No, I've never been contacted by any brand. I'm a new blogger and just do it for a bit of fun really.

      I usually shop around a lot more, but I'm really loving their dresses this season + am obviously on much less pay being off long term from work. I haven't got the option of shopping from shop to shop in real shops at the moment either.

      But yes, I am a DP admirer! I guess we'll see what the future brings!


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