Friday, 4 May 2012

May 31 Day Blogger's Challenge: Day 4

My Favourite Print...

As the name of my blog suggests, it's polka dots. I'm completely obsessed with spots and dots! I've been hook, line, and sinker in love with the pattern for at least a decade. Might as well accessorise the freckles properly, right?

The pattern is so classic, and never really goes out of style, it's so easy to wear, and it's flattering, too! What's not to love? I particularly love little ditsy dots, but love the larger spots, too.

This is my favourite dress. It was another of my Dorothy Perkins finds from last summer. Most of my polka dot clothes seem to come from Dorothy Perkins! I purchased it to wear in New York (which is my favourite place in the world), and it didn't let me down. It made me feel stylish in the city. It has a really floaty skirt, and has the softest fabric. I wish I'd bought it in coral and brown, too, so am always on the lookout on ebay for them.

You may remember it from my introductory post.

This is my favourite sort of polka dot- ditsy white on navy blue. This cute tunic has been mine since last summer. I love the collar and trim along the bottom. It was also from Dorothy Perkins.

I have a couple of cute polka dot tops with crochet detail to the collars. The front one is Dorothy Perkins, the one behind is from New Look. I've had both for a couple of years, I think. I also have a black top with a cute collar, but it didn't photograph well.

I've introduced you to this simple midi-dress before. It's a current line from Dorothy Perkins, and they're stocking it in three or four different colours. It's a great shape, but the fabric gets a bit static.

The one above is a little on the large size, and not a colour I usually go for, but I was lured in by the polka dots. I love the pleated skirt, but usually cover up the top part with a cardigan to disguise the extra fabric.

This is my favourite scarf. An Accessorize find a couple of years ago. It's very versatile, and especially love to wear it over a black winter coat. I also have a corsage in an identical pattern pinned to a coat downstairs. The umbrella came from New Look, an emergency buy before an outdoor concert in Scotland. I have no idea where the feather on my floor appeared from.

These are some of the hair clips I bought in New York last summer. They were three or four dollars each and I bought about a dozen of them! I can't remember the name of the shop, but it was a really cute accessories store in South Street Sea Port that was a girlie girl's dream. The accessories mannequin came from a local store.

These two hairbands also came from the same store in New York, and accessorised my dresses while I was there. The subtler one is my favourite. I love a chocolate/cream combination.

I have two of each of these hair clips. They're perfect for pinning my fringe back when it just won't behave. I picked them up during one of my Cath Kidston sprees a couple of years ago. I wish they still stocked them as they're so useful.

These were the polka dot things I had to hand, (I also have a polka dot jacket, socks and underwear), but my love of them aren't just confined to clothing and accessories. I have red polka dots in my curtains and duvet set, polka dot travel accessories, one of my travel bags has a purple polka dot lining and who knows what else.  If I had my way, they'd adorn everything I owned.

I also have a love of stars, florals, bird prints, and keys, but we'll save those topics for another day.

Oh, and I also have another two polka dot dresses on the way...

What's your favourite print?



  1. This post is PERFECTION. I love all these different polka dot prints, my favorite being the navy/white ones, too!
    The top from DP is sooo beautiful! Too bad it's a couple of years old, I totally would have been a copy cat and bought one ^-^

    1. Thank you! You have fab taste! Haha.

      Maybe keep an eye on ebay? It really is a nice piece to have.

  2. Love your collection of polka dot items, especially that first dress :) I went from having no polka dot items to going on a bit of a polka dot shopping binge, hehe! Such a versatile print so very easy to wear :)

    1. Thank you! The first dress is my absolute fave thing ever. You can never have enough polka dots!

  3. Lovely stuff, Polka dots just make me smile :) I love your dresses and the hair clips! x

    1. Thank you! They make me smile, too.

  4. I love polka dots, you have some lovely polka dot pieces in you collection x

  5. Polka dots! Definately a current obsession of mine and
    wear them a lot. Actually I`ve got the exact same dresses you have. XD From Dorothy. XD <3
    They`re lovely ne! Agree about the static tho.
    Have a great day! MMxoxo

    1. Seems it's a very common obsession with us bloggers! I do love my DP dresses. Static seems to calm down after a couple of washes! Thanks for commenting.

  6. yay! i love polka dots too. following your blog now, look forward to seeing the rest of your challenge posts! :) xxx

    1. Thank you! I've followed you back!


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