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May 31 Day Blogger's Challenge: Day 27- An Outfit Inspired By My Style Icon

Day 27: An Outfit Inspired By My Style Icon

I'm not really one of those girls who obsesses over the gossip and celebrity pages of magazines. I do like seeing what they're wearing, but I don't go out of my way to.

Don't get me wrong; there are so many beautiful famous ladies who have great style, but their style isn't for me. Some just look so over-polished you can tell they've either been airbrushed to death, or have a great stylist on hand.

I get inspiration from a handful of celebs- Zooey Deschanel, Dita Von Teese, and Krysten Ritter are my favourite celeb style icons. They always look so feminine in pretty dresses; outfits that are often similar to clothes I wear, or ones I would love to wear myself. I think this is especially the case with Zooey. I would love to have her wardrobe. I think Florence Welch. Amy Lee, Eva Mendes, and Katy Perry usually look amazing, too.

Dita always looks glamorous. How fabulous is the floral dress on the bottom left?

Just look at these gorgeous dresses on Krysten Ritter, Eva Mendes and Zooey Deschanel!

Today's outfit has been inspired by Dita, Zooey, and Krysten. In these photos they're all wearing beautiful fitted dresses with big flared skirts. I've taken further inspiration from the above photo, as the shape of  the dress is similar to the one I'm wearing and I also went for peep toe sandals.

Say hello to my new flamingo print dress! (And my bare legs again).

I blogged excitedly when I found this dress in two colours new in on the Dorothy Perkins website a week or two ago. I adore flamingo prints, and snapped both designs up. My post also led Rachel and Linz to buy this dress, too! I don't blame them- it's gorgeous!

I showed off the beautiful navy and cream one a week or so ago, which I wore with tights as the weather was cool and drizzly. Today it was stifling hot, and I soon felt suffocated in the cardigan. It was hot enough in just the dress, so I soon discarded the cardi. My arms look ruddy from the muggy weather. Apologies! They're really not much darker than my legs.

I dug out a pair of coral sandals I've had for years. The last time I remember wearing them I was in France for a fortnight... and that was in 2007. I don't think they've been worn since. They have a very small heel/wedge of about an inch or so. I need to start wearing them again; I love the colour!

I wasn't feeling my looks today, but this photo looked a bit odd cut off at the neck so I've hidden my face to compromise.

The skirt is so full! It would be a great dress for dancing in. I think it would also look amazing over a petticoat for a retro look. I accessorised simply with a red flower in my hair, shoes and a simple bracelet. I like to keep it simple in the heat.

I went a size up for comfort as the waist is fitted, which was the right decision. The top part will need a bit of taking in as it's baggy around the arms, and there's a lot of fabric on top. I haven't got the biggest chest in the world, but if you're blessed with a larger chest you shouldn't have a problem fitting them in!

The fabric is a very pale turquoise-blue, but it appears white on the DP website.

Just look at this skirt! It's fabulous!


My camera died before I could document the accessories so had to make do with Blackberry pics. Sorry for the quality.

Coral shoes

Cute patterned bracelet

Hair corsage

♥ Dress: Dorothy Perkins
♥ Cardigan: New Look
♥ Sandals: I don't know
♥ Flower: New Look
♥ Bracelet: I think came from a surf shop or gift shop in Cornwall.

So, what I'm wearing is inspired by Zooey, Dita and Krysten with a pattern that wouldn't look out of place in Katy Perry's 'California Girls' video!

Who is your style icon?



  1. oooh, those shoes... *grabby hands at screen*
    I love how it all goes together so well, the colors are gorgeous and you look amazing in this outfit! Great length of the dress too, imo :)

    1. Haha thought you would like them!
      Thank you Nita! You're far too kind. :) I'm loving this length of dress that's everywhere now. It's a lot easier for me to wear than a shorter one. :)

  2. I love all those ladies styles you look great it the dress xx

    1. They all look amazing, don't they?! Aw thank you, Rachel! I can't wait to see you in yours xx

  3. no way! i love miss dita - she is a serious style icon, always so polished and perfect but i think her fashion appeal is fabulous- i heart her style soo much - i think you have nailed the 50's icon look in that dress - i'm gushing i know - its fabulous x

    1. She has such an old school Hollywood glamour about her, and I love that she dresses differently to most ladies. I love her 1940s look.

      Thank you Maria! :D


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