Saturday, 19 May 2012

May 31 Day Blogger's Challenge: Day 19- An Article of Clothing That Makes Me Feel Great

An Article of Clothing or Jewellery That Instantly Makes Me Feel Great...

I'm happy to say I've finally got a wardrobe full of dresses that make me feel fantastic. Gone are the days when I looked in to my wardrobe only to feel I had nothing to wear; which of course I did, I just had too many 'fat days' when I hated everything on myself.

My favourite mood-lifting garment is my black polka-dot shirt-dress.

You've seen this dress before, but I can't stop wearing it. It has the softest fabric, the swishiest skirt, and I feel like a million dollars in it (even in my hunched unbalanced state!)

This was another New York outfit. I'm sure I was sauntering around Manhattan like an idiot with my sunglasses on and my Bloomingdales shopping bags feeling like I was living the Sex and the City life or something.

It looks good with tights and leggings, and on one very hot day, I even wore it over bare legs. Though I did have to watch out for the steam grates that are everywhere in NYC to avoid potentially embarrassing Marilyn moments.

I'm happy to say there are photos of me wearing this dress at the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. apartment building, the Cosby Show House, Will Smith's I Am Legend home, and in Serendipity 3's. It's been worn to some amazing places.

It makes me feel fantastic even when I'm just lounging around in it.

I wish I'd bought the other colours, too, but I left it too late. I'm always on the look out on ebay as I love the shape and style so much.

Today, I've dressed it with berry tights, a black cropped cardi, a pearl-corsage bracelet, and a red corsage. I've also still got the red Barry M nail paint on.

I tried to do some floaty skirt photos, but none of them came out. The photo above (bottom right) is the best I could get, and gives you an idea of how great the skirt is. One of these days I'm going to have to try it over a petticoat!

♥ Dress: Dorothy Perkins
♥ Cardigan: New Look
♥ Tights: Evans
♥ Corsage: New Look
♥ Bracelet: (I think) Dorothy Perkins

What fashion item makes you instantly feel fabulous?



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