Monday, 14 May 2012

May 31 Day Blogger's Challenge: Day 14- An Item That Was Hard To Track Down

An Item That Was Hard To Track Down

I thought about this topic for a couple of days, and just when I thought I didn't own anything that was hard to come by, a light-bulb came on and it came to me: coloured jeans and jeggings.

I don't know about you, but I hate shopping for trousers. I couldn't tell you how many times I'd tried on a dozen pairs and left the shop empty-handed. They're always too long or short in the leg, too high-waisted, or too baggy in the wrong places but tight on the waist. I doubt I'm alone in this!

When the coloured jean trend returned a few seasons ago, I would admire them on slender models in magazines, but I never came across them in my size. I was also adamant I couldn't pull them off as a curvy girl. Then one day, I was shopping in what I should probably dub my Mother Ship- Dorothy Perkins- and saw a beautiful pair of coral straight-leg skinnies in my size. I tried them on, and the rest, as they say, is history. They fit comfortably, and within a few months, I also bought them in red and cobalt blue.

Coral Jeans: Dorothy Perkins, Purple Vest: ? (i cut the labels out), Black Bubble-Hem Top: Dorothy Perkins, Necklace: Accessorize

I was determined not to let my larger shape stop me from wearing a brighter trouser, even if others might think they're not especially flattering on a curvy body. I spent the cooler summer days last year wearing them with a longer top, a cropped cardigan and sandals, and felt so comfortable in myself.

 Coral Jeans: Dorothy Perkins, Purple Vest: ?, Necklace: Accessorize

I particularly love colour-blocking the coral pair with this purple hanky-hem vest.

The other garment I had trouble tracking down was the perfect pair of jeggings. Again, I always found them too baggy or too tight, and when I finally found the perfect pair they'd shrink in the wash.

Last Autumn, I saw some super-soft jeggings for sale in indigo and black (again in DP), and ordered them both with crossed fingers. I was amazed at how soft the fabric really was, and how much they looked like jeans. They were flattering and comfortable, and I finally knew I'd found them! I quickly snapped up another black pair, and soon picked them up in forest green and a dusky purple, too! The only issue is I have to roll them up over shoes, but I quite like the look myself!

Green Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins, Black Bubble Hem Top: Dorothy Perkins, Polka Dot Jacket: George at Asda

I generally wear jeggings under tunics, but I've dressed it with a shorter plain black top and a soft polka dot jacket to show the shape better to you. I still need to break all but the indigo in, and I think the green are my favourites.

Top Left: Dorothy Perkins Jeggings, Top Right: Dorothy Perkins Green Jeggings

Bottom Left: Dorothy Perkins Jeans, Bubble Hem Top ?, Accessorize Necklace, Bottom Right: My Dorothy Perkins Jeans and Jeggings

I've just realised this is the first time I've done a post of me wearing trousers! Mad, hey?

Well, I'm off to paint my nails ready for tomorrow's challenge.

Night, guys.

P.S. Did you guys know that Dorothy Perkins have a 25% promo on this week? Just enter DPVIPD at the checkout! Remember you can use DPBDAY if you're buying dresses to get 15% off, too- and it also works with the promo code!

I spent just £19 including delivery on a dress in the sale last night, which was originally £42!


  1. Love the trousers I can't never find bottoms that fit right part of the reason I stopped wearing them xx

    1. Thanks. I don't wear them often myself. I prefer dresses and skirts xx

  2. these look awesome!!!! I just can't seem to fins any that suit my shape :(

  3. Love all of these on you. The coral are amazing! x


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