Tuesday, 1 May 2012

May 31 Day Blogger's Challenge: Day 1

Back again!

Today is day 1 of the May 31 Day Fashion Blogger's Challenge I told you about yesterday. With a different theme for each day of May, the challenge encourages us to make each daily theme personable by taking photographs and blogging about them. See yesterday's post here for the challenge, and links to the creator and where I found out about it.

Day 1: My Wardrobe

My compact wardrobe crammed in to one of the alcoves of my room. I like the fact that it has a lock- useful for hiding presents from prying eyes, and accessories from thieving sisters! Above it you can see the front row of some of my bags- there's another row behind it.

Hanging on one of the handles is a wooden star given to me by one of my closest friends.

As you can see, my wardrobe is crammed full of clothes- mostly dresses and tunics. On the left I have a couple of my skirts, then cardigans and a couple of jackets, moving on to tops, then tunics, then dresses and jumpsuits. There is some order to it, though I'm wondering whether to go back to colour coordinating.

Underneath looks a little messy, but it's not actually too bad. You can see my dressing gown (the white thing with bows on it) chucked on top of a neatish pile of skirts and tops, and on the left there are slippers on top of a pile of scarves.

On the inner door is a photograph I took of Shane Lynch last summer. He pulled on a tartan hat and started posing. I really love how the photo came out, and it reminds me of good times at that concert in Inverness with some fab ladies.

You may be able to tell I love prints, especially polka dots. The dressing gown came out so you can have a peek at the clothes on the bottom.

A collapsing pile of scarves... The Cath Kidston laundry bag has some PJs stored in it, and the polka dots on the bottom left belong to my umbrella.

The drawer at the bottom holds a pile of plain black basic tops, two piles of leggings (full length and cropped), and a pile of winter tops.

The bags you can see are from River Island, Guess, Morgan, New Look, Accessorize and Jane Norman.

I've also started using the landing cupboard as an overspill. I won't show you the entire contents, as it's a dumping ground for all sorts of crap. I'm going to utilise it properly as a second wardrobe once it's cleared out as I'm running out of room.

Some of my shoes- mostly ballet pumps, sandals, flip flops and Converse.

I won't share with you the pile of boots beside it as it's unbelievably messy! There are more shoes downstairs, but I'm the first to admit I need more shoes! They say you're either a shoes girl, or a handbag girl. If I had to choose one, I would definitely say I'm a handbag girl. I'm obsessed with them!

I'm a lot simpler when it comes to shoes. I like the feeling of being bare-foot, so I tend to live in sandals and flip flops in the summer- sometimes until about November if I can get away with it! And will switch to boots, ballet pumps, Converse etc on colder days. I don't actually own a pair of heels, even though I love them!

So, that's my wardrobe! A little messy, with room for improvement but not enough room for clothes. Who's going to put me to shame with their uber-neat closets?



  1. Omg sooo many beautiful prints! I love all the dots and flowers and colors... and the colors you picked for your handbags are beautiful, too, I especially love the different shades of purple.

    This was fun to read, I love seeing how other people organize their stuff! Can't wait to see your other posts :)

  2. I haven't really got much without prints. I'm drawn to them like a moth to a flame. I've bags in all sorts of colours- will probably show that better for one of the challenge posts. I love the purple ones a lot!

    Thanks! I wouldn't really call it organised- I have too many clothes and accessories for the space I have, furniture I'm not a fan of (most I've had since I was a teenager) and a room that needs decorating to display it all better!

  3. hey, louise!

    you have a nice collection of prints and patterns. i love your converse sneakers... and the star on your wardrobe door is precious. :)

    happy hump day!



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