Thursday, 31 May 2012

May 31 Day Blogger's Challenge: Day 31- Current Obsessions

So the last topic of the May blogging challenge is...

Something I'm Obsessed With at the Moment...

 I often have multiple obsessions at the same time. I'll admit I've always had a bit of an obsessive personality; I easily become passionate about things I love, and can never get enough of it. I like to do things properly! Many of my obsessions do last a life time, though; be it music, style, books, movies, celeb crushes or whatever.

I'm currently obsessing over Dorothy Perkins dresses, midi dresses... (hell, any dresses!), bird prints and accessories,  Stephen King novels, Titanic, my Kindle, and The Big Bang Theory!

These are the bird print dresses and tops in my collection. You've seen photos of me wearing most of them already this season. They're all (unintentionally) from Dorothy Perkins, except for the bird cage design in the first photo. What can I say? They have had so many beautiful clothes in recently that I really haven't needed to look elsewhere for pretty new things, which I normally would do. I normally shop around a hell of a lot more.

These are some of my bird necklaces, and my DP toucan t-shirt. I love flamingos, toucans and parrots. I always get drawn to accessories designed around these creatures.

I was once lucky enough to do work experience in the bird gardens at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park for a week and I loved the experience. I got to hold the macaws and African greys that came to them as ex-pets, fly a Harris hawk, and be around all sorts of exotic birds. The good memories have always stayed with me and perhaps a reason why I love them in fashion, too.

These two bright and colourful necklaces definitely have a childish, nostalgic way about them. They're certainly accessories I would have loved as a child- maybe that's why I love em...

I just realised there are also birds on my bedding and curtains!

Away from fashion and style, I love to read, and Stephen King is easily my favourite author. Before my injury, I never had any time or energy to read as my job was exhausting. I'm making up for lost time now and am trying to get through each of his novels, apart from the Dark Tower saga as I'm not  a fan of the genre.

I had The Stand on my shelf for a couple of years and put off reading it because it had so may pages. I downloaded it on the Kindle (my new favourite thing!) in January and found I couldn't put it down; it's easily one of my favourite books now and I highly recommend it if you enjoy end of the world type stories. I think I have 18 unread Stephen King's on my book shelf, and a handful to read on my Kindle as well as some by other authors, too. I'm currently just over half way through IT but I'm a little bored. Under The Dome and The Tommyknockers are great novels, too, and I really enjoyed The Hunger Games trilogy, and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

I seem to share the Stephen King obsession with Rachel, whose style is also similar to mine! She has flawless taste!

I've also been obsessed with Titanic since I first went to see it as an eleven year old all those years ago. I keep going back to it time and time again, but recently I've been putting it on in the background an awful lot. I could recite the entire film back to you. Sad, but true.

I've had so much fun taking part in the blogging challenge, and have loved seeing everybody else's posts each day. I'm a little sad that it's all come to an end!

Back to the drawing board for June it is!

What are you obsessing over?


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

May 31 Day Blogger's Challenge: Days 29 and 30- FOTD and Pretty Hair

Face of the Day...
Pretty hair...

Time for a catch up! I'll combine yesterday's topic with today's.

I've worn make up most days since I was about eleven or so, but I haven't really bothered putting on my face while I've been off sick. Seems pointless to do my make up when I'm not going anywhere. Today, I've done my make up just for you!

 Before I apply my make up I always cleanse, tone, and moisturise my face first. I'm currently using Garnier Fresh Essentials Grape Extract cleanser and toner, and The Body Shop Vitamin E moisturiser.

I start with the base, and apply foundation (if I'm wearing it). I'm currently using Benefit's Some kind of Gorgeous Lite. I would normally use an under-eye concealer, but I've ran out. Today, I used a Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in  a peach shade along my cheekbones to the outer corner of the apples of my cheeks, and went over it with Benefit Sugarbomb blusher. I then use a Body Shop powder along my t-zone and any shiny areas.

A good set of tools can make a world of difference when creating a look. These make up brushes came from Bnevertoobusytobebeautiful, a sister company of Lush that unfortunately went in to administration a few years ago. I was devastated as they were my favourite brand. These make up brushes didn't come cheap, but they're still going strong after several years. They're also vegan! My essential tool is an eye lash curler. If I only have time to apply one product, it's mascara after a quick curl. The make up products are what I used to create today's look.

These are my beautiful Inglot palettes. The fantastic thing about Inglot, is that the palettes are sold separately so you can choose your own colours to fill them with! I spent a small fortune and over an hour in their Times Square branch last summer, and could have easily bought more.

The colours I used are numbered... this is how I created the look:

Using number...

1. Sweep evenly and generously over the entire lid.
2. Shade the outer socket and  outer 1/3 of the lid. 
3. Blend over the middle of the lid.
4. Use a damp eye liner brush to line the upper lid.
5. Smudge across the lower inner lash line.
2. Line the lower lash line using a damp eye liner brush.

I then used Benefit's 'They're Real!' Mascara on my upper lashes, and added a coat of Maybelline mascara on the top and bottom. I can't fault either of these mascaras- they're both fantastic. Finish with a slick of lip gloss and voila!

 And this is the result!

I love coloured eye shadow, and enjoy trying out different colour combinations. Green is easily my favourite and most used eye shadow colour, and I like combining it with purple.

And on to the hair...

I don't often do a lot with my hair. I usually just wash, dry, and run the straighteners through it, perhaps add a hair accessory, and I'm good to go. I wear it down when I'm out of the house and tie it back when I'm just lounging around.

I started dyeing my hair this colour just over a year ago. I'm naturally a mid-dark brown and for most of my life kept my hair really long. I gradually started wanting it shorter and shorter until I got it cut in to a long layered bob at Christmas. It's grown out a lot since then, but I want to cut it that way again.

I use Schwarzkopf Live 'Real Red'. As I've not been able to dye it each month like I used to, it's not as bright red as it once was. I really love having it so bright and feel more like 'me' since I embraced the colour.


She didn't choose this role but she'll play it and make it sincere

I've been listening to Panic! At The Disco quite a lot lately. I guess I've been feeling a little sentimental and felt like retracing old footsteps. They've been one of my favourite bands since A Fever You Can't Sweat Out all those years ago, but some of the tracks were unintentionally getting a little dusty in my itunes library. Time To Dance and Camisado, especially, are always a part of my summer play lists, as they remind me of scorching hot holidays in France.

I spent several holidays with my family in La Palmyre in the mid-noughties. My younger sister and I would spend most of our days lounging in the sun all day at the pool alternating between swimming, and reading while listening to our ipods. Those weeks were easily the most relaxing holidays I've ever had, and tunes by Panic!, Arcade Fire, The Killers, and Lostprophets especially take me back to those days.

I've been mourning two dresses I used to wear on those holidays. Back then, dresses weren't popular like they are now, and I usually saved them for holidays where I was too hot to care. I had a white wrap dress with a very bold blue poppy print all over it, which I loved but it wasn't for the print-shy, and a red polka dot v neck midi. I think I must have put them in to a boot sale just a couple of years ago, and I've regretted it ever since.

However, my sister had the same polka dot dress in black, and has kept hold of it all these years! I've been trying to convince her to let me wear it and 'keep it safe' until it fits her again, and last night she gave in! I'm naturally ecstatic to have the dress I love back (I can live with it being a different colour!)


I love this dress! It's super flattering, soft, and comfortable. (Well, I say flattering, but I had to disguise an unslightly bit of skin with a heart!) I feel comfortable in a longer length like this one, and feel I may even brave the dreaded bare legs in public in this dress no problem! And, not that I need another reason, but, let me state the obvious: it's polka dot!

We had really hot, muggy weather today, and I just couldn't cover up my arms, so the outfit is very simple, but I wanted to share it with you because I'm so thrilled.

I accessorised with my AbiLu charm necklace, and a feather hairband (though this photo isn't doing it justice). I'll go in to the hair and make up in another post in just a sec.

♥ Dress: I can't remember and the tags have been cut out!
♥ Necklace: AbiLu Creations; purchased in Camden, but there's now a website
♥ Hairband: Accessorize

Have you ever given away a piece of clothing that you've later regretted for years on end?

P.S. If you're not familiar with Panic! At The Disco, I urge you to give them a listen.


Monday, 28 May 2012

May 31 Day Blogger's Challenge: Day 27- An Outfit Inspired By My Style Icon

Day 27: An Outfit Inspired By My Style Icon

I'm not really one of those girls who obsesses over the gossip and celebrity pages of magazines. I do like seeing what they're wearing, but I don't go out of my way to.

Don't get me wrong; there are so many beautiful famous ladies who have great style, but their style isn't for me. Some just look so over-polished you can tell they've either been airbrushed to death, or have a great stylist on hand.

I get inspiration from a handful of celebs- Zooey Deschanel, Dita Von Teese, and Krysten Ritter are my favourite celeb style icons. They always look so feminine in pretty dresses; outfits that are often similar to clothes I wear, or ones I would love to wear myself. I think this is especially the case with Zooey. I would love to have her wardrobe. I think Florence Welch. Amy Lee, Eva Mendes, and Katy Perry usually look amazing, too.

Dita always looks glamorous. How fabulous is the floral dress on the bottom left?

Just look at these gorgeous dresses on Krysten Ritter, Eva Mendes and Zooey Deschanel!

Today's outfit has been inspired by Dita, Zooey, and Krysten. In these photos they're all wearing beautiful fitted dresses with big flared skirts. I've taken further inspiration from the above photo, as the shape of  the dress is similar to the one I'm wearing and I also went for peep toe sandals.

Say hello to my new flamingo print dress! (And my bare legs again).

I blogged excitedly when I found this dress in two colours new in on the Dorothy Perkins website a week or two ago. I adore flamingo prints, and snapped both designs up. My post also led Rachel and Linz to buy this dress, too! I don't blame them- it's gorgeous!

I showed off the beautiful navy and cream one a week or so ago, which I wore with tights as the weather was cool and drizzly. Today it was stifling hot, and I soon felt suffocated in the cardigan. It was hot enough in just the dress, so I soon discarded the cardi. My arms look ruddy from the muggy weather. Apologies! They're really not much darker than my legs.

I dug out a pair of coral sandals I've had for years. The last time I remember wearing them I was in France for a fortnight... and that was in 2007. I don't think they've been worn since. They have a very small heel/wedge of about an inch or so. I need to start wearing them again; I love the colour!

I wasn't feeling my looks today, but this photo looked a bit odd cut off at the neck so I've hidden my face to compromise.

The skirt is so full! It would be a great dress for dancing in. I think it would also look amazing over a petticoat for a retro look. I accessorised simply with a red flower in my hair, shoes and a simple bracelet. I like to keep it simple in the heat.

I went a size up for comfort as the waist is fitted, which was the right decision. The top part will need a bit of taking in as it's baggy around the arms, and there's a lot of fabric on top. I haven't got the biggest chest in the world, but if you're blessed with a larger chest you shouldn't have a problem fitting them in!

The fabric is a very pale turquoise-blue, but it appears white on the DP website.

Just look at this skirt! It's fabulous!


My camera died before I could document the accessories so had to make do with Blackberry pics. Sorry for the quality.

Coral shoes

Cute patterned bracelet

Hair corsage

♥ Dress: Dorothy Perkins
♥ Cardigan: New Look
♥ Sandals: I don't know
♥ Flower: New Look
♥ Bracelet: I think came from a surf shop or gift shop in Cornwall.

So, what I'm wearing is inspired by Zooey, Dita and Krysten with a pattern that wouldn't look out of place in Katy Perry's 'California Girls' video!

Who is your style icon?


Sunday, 27 May 2012

All Was Golden When The Day Met The Night

Me again!

I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend what ever you're doing.

It's been such a gorgeous week in England. Today was another scorcher, and it's been so hot I've gained lots of new freckles on my legs... I haven't even left the house- just from lying under the window!

I just spent the last hour trying not to choke with laughter while watching the Irish stand-up comedian, Dara O' Briain, on TV, and the rest of the day trying to read Stephen King's 'IT'. I'm half way through the 1400 page classic and I'm still not enjoying it. It's the first of his novels I haven't loved. Has anybody read it?

Anyway, on to the OOTD

I can't believe I'm actually sharing this photo on here. I hate baring my arms, but I hate my wide shoulders even more. This is actually the first and only halter-neck anything I've owned, but I love this maxi dress, it covers quite a lot up top, and it was way too hot to cover up.

The fabric of the dress billows and cascades, and skims down to the floor. I knotted the hem to stop myself from tripping over it; and to freshen the look.

I decided to try it with a wooden coloured necklace I've had for a few years; and multi-coloured bracelets.

If I was heading out of the house, I'd probably wear this dress with my purple sandals. They're a low wedge.

I only lasted in this outfit for about ten minutes. It was too hot! I ended up changing in to a cotton sun dress, and back in to bed.

♥ Dress: Dorothy Perkins
♥ Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
♥ Bracelets: Dorothy Perkins
♥ Sandals: Evans


Saturday, 26 May 2012

May 31 Day Blogger's Challenge: Day 26- What's In My Bag?

Day 26: What's in my bag...

I did a post like this a little over a month ago, which you can find here Everything But The Kitchen Sink.

I've decided to interpret the challenge in to 'what would normally be found in my bag'. The last time I carried a big bag around with me was in September, and since then a few bits and bobs have found temporary homes around the room. I've gathered the typical contents together just for you.

♥ Bag: Jane Norman at Debenhams
♥ Duvet Set: Next

A sweltering hot sunny day like today inspired me to show you my lovely Jane Norman shoulder bag. Nothing says summer more than a bright shade of yellow. I've owned this bag for several years now; I can't even remember how long ago I bought it.

It has so many pockets to organise things in!

I spy...

Is it bad I've just counted four Cath Kidston things in this snap shot alone?

Everything thrown in to a heap...

So, you caught me- I'm a gadget geek!

 I've had the Kindle since Boxing Day and it's one of the best things I've ever bought myself. I looked down my nose at e-readers for years (how could a screen compare to paper?), but I couldn't be without it now. I've read so much since I bought it. The pretty floral case is from Cath Kidston- highly recommend both!

The red star Cath Kidston case is for my camera (which I used to take the photos). I like to carry my camera everywhere. Then we have my red and black Blackberry, and my ipod with apple earphones and an ipod sock. I'd be lost without both of them.

I got the Cath Kidston case for my Blackberry in Carphone Warehouse.

Do you remember those days before iPods when we had to carry around a stack of CDs and a Discman, or a pile of tapes and a Walkman, to get a musical fix on the go? It was back breaking being dedicated to music as I grew up. I think I'm starting to show my age now... but iPods are such an amazing invention.

I always like to carry a notebook and a pen on me. This pretty notebook has faded a little and was from a local shop.

I always carry a spare pair of glasses and a pair of sunglasses with me.

The glasses are Red or Dead; the sunglasses are Guess. The star case is Cath Kidston.

♥ Vaseline Cocoa Butter and Carmex lip balms. The Carmex ones are by far the best I've found.

♥ Contact lenses canister. It's usually on me in case the lenses irritate my eyes and I need to switch to glasses.

♥ Plasters... I'm prone to paper cuts and blisters.

♥ Body shop powder compact... useful for the mirror and for any touch ups.

As you can see, I use the palest shades as my skin tone is so pale. The freckles give me a little colour, but even they've lightened along with my skin since I've been off work and out of the sun. I must be one of the only girls who actually likes being pale.

This little hair brush may be compact but it's as good as a full sized brush! I always carry a spare hair bobble on me- I get a little wind swept sometimes.

Cath Kidston wallet... I showed you this a few days ago so I won't go in to detail again.

And on days like today, when there's not a cloud in the sky and the temperature is high, I try to keep some kind of refreshing spray on me to cool me down, and of course Sun Cream (not pictured). I usually use a Nivea factor 50+.  

I'm usually pretty sensible when it comes to protecting my skin on hot days.  I'm pale, I'm freckled, and I often burn with it on, even when regularly applied. I hate being sun burnt so I try to be careful. What ever I do I just seem to end up burnt with a million extra freckles.

So, this is my bag today. I often have make up on me- but which ones varies from day to day, and look to look. You may sometimes find perfume, a magazine, something to drink, a scarf, keys, or all of the above in there, too.

What's in your bag?

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