Monday, 2 April 2012

Trial and Error...

Happy Monday lovelies!

Hope you're managing to beat the Monday afternoon blues. I've been lucky for the past few years as Monday was always my day off, and while everyone else was dragging themselves off to work, I was free to go shopping and enjoy the sunshine. Obviously, now every day is pretty much the same for me.

I woke up to another parcel this morning: my replacement (take number two) jump suit and denim jacket from Dotty P's. The jumpsuit was a much better fit than my normal size which was too short in the body. It's quite a baggy fit but nothing a few darts at the armpits and a belt on the waist can't handle. I was really pleased with it, until i noticed a hole in the leg and another in a pocket. So, again, I've reordered it. Hopefully jump suit number three will be okay. I'm a little annoyed at having to pay out for another delivery charge, but I like it too much to just give up.

Jumpsuit with belt- Dorothy Perkins
Strawberry necklace- Berty and Gerty ( a vintage shop in Camden)

It has a skinny black belt on the waist. Personally, I would swap it for a bright colour, so I've ordered a couple to wear with it. As you can see, it's quite loose on my shoulders and around the bust, but my mother has agreed to use her sewing skills to adjust it for me. I've not learnt how to sew things my self.

I also got a light- wash denim jacket a size smaller than I ordered on Saturday. This is my first denim jacket since the nineties, when I used to live in them. I'm afraid to say I used to do double denim in those days. I know it's on trend again, but it's still something I'd prefer to avoid. Anyway, it's fitted well in the arms and shoulders, but a bit loose at the front. I've been trying to decide whether it's okay for one to be slightly loose over a dress, but after the approval from two lovely ladies, I've decided to keep it.

Another brave (for me) shot of my legs out. I still need to get an underskirt for this dress as it's slightly see through. I'd wear it with a pair of sandals out of the house, and roll up the sleeves

Wrap Dress- Dorothy Perkins
Denim Jacket- Dorothy Perkins (I sense a theme going here).
Strawberry Necklace- Berty and Gerty (as before).

Hopefully I'll get a lot of wear out of the jacket before the weather gets too hot.



  1. omg it's you! I had no idea you had a blogspot :D had to follow right away of course!
    I really like the jacket with the blue dress, it fits well imo & I think it'll look even more amazing with the sleeves rolled up.

    1. It's new. Only started it a week ago. Thanks for following! :) Thank you. I'm really looking forward to wearing it properly. xx

  2. I just LOVE jumpsuits, I need to get my first Dorothy Perkins order in. Motivated me.

    1. They're so simple, stylish and effortless, aren't they? I highly recommend Dorothy Perkins. They have a great range right now. Thanks for commenting! xx


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