Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Sitting In Cages Never Taking Wing

Happy Wednesday lovelies,

Did everyone have a lovely Easter weekend?

I'm afraid to say I didn't. I spent the entire long weekend stuck in bed unable to move. My back so kindly repaid my trip to the cinema with pain that made the agony of the last seven months seem like a breeze. My fault for trying to pretend I had a normal life for a while. I'd like to say I've learnt my lesson, but knowing me, I probably haven't!

One of my ten year old pet rabbits also passed away on Easter Monday, so all in all, Easter 2012 wasn't a good one. I hope you'll understand the lack of blog posts recently.

Anyway, now you've all fallen in to a coma from my miserable introduction, I've got a new dress to share with you all...

The beautiful bird cage ASOS dress was delivered this afternoon, which was a lovely surprise to wake up to. I eagerly tore open the packaging and slipped it over my head... and it fit perfectly. It skims over my curves in the right places, and flares out in to a lovely floaty skirt that falls just below my knees- parfait! The slip beneath it is more fitted and a little shorter than the dress, but no complaints from me. I adore this dress!

You can't really see in the first couple of photos how it nips in well at my waist, and then flares out, but it does. I need to get a cardigan to go with it, too, - in either purple, red, or blue, which are the colours of the flowers on the dress, and I think a pair of tights would work well with it on colder days. I'd probably pair it with a pair of simple gladiator sandals, but as I have no use for shoes at the moment, I'm just bare-footed. To be honest, I love having my feet exposed as much as possible anyway.

Here I've teamed it with:

Dress- ASOS
Cardigan- New Look
Belt- Dorothy Perkins
Bag- Accessorize
Bracelet- Accessorize

The bracelet is a French/Nautical-themed charm bracelet.

The fabric beneath it is the dress. I've always loved ornamental bird cage patterns and flowers, and think this dress is one of the prettiest I've ever owned.

What do you lovely ladies think? How would you wear it?



  1. I'm sorry to hear about your weekend :(
    but yay for the dress! I think it fits perfectly, and I love how you styled it with the cardi, belt and bracelet. It looks even cuter on you than I imagined :D
    I hope you get better soon, and enjoy your new dress! ♥

    1. Thank you for all your comments, you're so nice! I guess it could have been worse... The dress has cheered me up greatly, though. I do need to get a different cardi, but i love it. There isn't an end to my injury on the horizon, unfortunately, but i'll just have to continue to buy pretty dresses to cheer myself up! xx

  2. Haha, our conversation is all over the place^^ I'm sorry I can't seem to reply to your comment directly, the "reply" link doesn't work for me (not just on your blog).

    you're very welcome! :)

    I remeber being ill, too, and I found during that time it was super important for me to take my mind of things, like a great book or perhaps even just a nice bubble bath or manicure. It has helped me a lot, like it made me feel "normal" again. So I can relate, and if it's a dress or a bit a shopping that does the trick for you, I see absolutely nothing wrong with that :)

    But this very dress really looks like it was made for you, and I love where the cardigan ends, like with the belt and everything... I'm sorry if that's a weird compliment, but I think it really looks great with this length^^

    1. They really are! Haha!

      I agree, distractions are important. I've been reading a lot- books and magazines, and started reading blogs a lot when i was first signed off in September. Clothes are my favourite distraction, and painting my nails. It's really the only joy i get at the moment. I can't control the pain, but i can control how i look a little.

      Thank you! No, i get what you mean about the cardigan. I like these cropped ones. They sit nicely on my waist. Thanks again for the comments and compliments :)

  3. So sorry to hear you didn't have a great weekend hun *hugs* :(

    Your dress is gorgeous, the print looks so much nice in your pics, than it does on the Asos website :)

    I hope you don't mind but I've just tagged you in the Versatile Blogger Award :) please check it out :D

    1. Thanks hun, i guess it could have been worse. I'm alive after all...

      Thank you! I think it looks nicer than it does on the website too. I feel really comfortable in it.

      I'm going to have to thank you a third time for nominating me! LOL. I'm so flattered, especially as i'm so new to it. You've certainly made my day :D xx

  4. The dress looks amazing on you!

  5. you have the prettiest dresses. i'd wear it exactly like you did... :) enjoyed browsing, and you have a new follower!


    1. Thank you! I'm trying to build up a nice collection. Thanks for following!! xx


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