Saturday, 28 April 2012

Money Can't Buy Me Love... But It Can Buy Pretty Things

Evening fashion lovers,

So it's that time of the month again when our overdrafts/ bank managers/ shopaholics-within can breathe a sigh of relief again. Well, for most of us, anyway. That's right, it's payday!

I think somebody is going to have to hide my bank card and wheel me off to shopaholics anonymous! There are too many lovely things available this season- probably one of my favourite seasons yet, but I really should be watching the pennies until I know where the next ones are coming from. I've made a couple of purchases on things I've been lusting after and/or actually need, and now will try to be sensible. We'll see what happens! I really do have the sense to spend only what I can afford!

I love my black bird-print Dorothy Perkins dress so much that I had to get it in brown, too. I know I will be wearing them both for years to come as the cut and style is so lovely. The fabric is so soft and comfortable, too. It was delivered this morning and I'm already in love with it. It came with a belt, too, along with a further two I purchased in black and teal.

Last night, still wide awake at 4am, I was sat browsing the Topshop website, trying to justify buying these studded slippers which I've been admiring from a far for months. Since I haven't bought shoes since last August, and am lacking everything that isn't a sandal or ugg boot, I justified buying them. The price is so low (£28) for how expensive they look, and I know I shall be wearing them with everything from dresses to jeans. I just hope they fit my annoyingly-wide feet.

I also returned a basic purple wrap dress I've had hanging in my wardrobe for a few weeks. There was something about the particular shade of purple I decided I didn't like and on reflection, realised I probably would never wear it. I got a refund and put the money towards a couple of Dorothy Perkins scallop trimmed cardigans, as that is one thing I'm lacking in the wardrobe after a clear out of ones which had become faded, torn, and shapeless. I love the scallop edge to the collars!

I was looking at the cardigans on the H&M website, but as I'm not sure how their sizing is, I held off. How do you guys find their sizing? The last time I shopped I had to size up, but as their cardigans are dual-sized I wasn't sure if doing so would make them too big. Any feedback would be appreciated!

I have my eye on this envelope clutch (also from Dorothy Perkins), so MAY give one a home somewhere down the line.

Have you been shopping this weekend? What have you all been buying? Or what are you lusting after?

I'll hopefully be back with an OOTD post tomorrow.



  1. Ooooh, I looove those cardigans! The yellow one especially. You picked such pretty things :D

    I bought a pair of shoes (with bows!) and that's the end of the story for this month and the next... *sigh*

    1. It was the yellow one I was most taken with, but also needed a plain black one. Thank you hun.

      Ooh looking forward to seeing those shoes! I really must learn to walk in heels someday as they're just so pretty. I only managed two cardigans because of the refund, but I need to be careful with spending now. Still want that clutch, though...

  2. That clutch is soo super pretty, I love the colors and that kind of lock on the front is such a nice thing to have on a bag... I have a bag that closes like that and I can't stop playing with it^-^
    again, I'm crossing my fingers they have it in stock for you when you decide to buy it. It worked last time! :D

  3. I'm actually sitting here obsessing over it and have been for an hour now! I must have it, but not sure I can justify it. I don't really have any clutch bags- just the odd one or two boring night ones I think. It's quite roomy and different to everything else I have. I do tend to play with clasps too haha

  4. I know exactly what you mean, I love shopping, I spend a lot of free time just browsing sites for cute stuff. I adore the shoes, the cardigan, and that clutch is great colors. I'm lusting after so many things I don't think I could narrow it down to a few. I plan on going shopping within the next few days.


    1. I thought I wasn't the only one! It's great when we have the funds to snap up everything we want; not so fun on a budget. You'll have to let us know what you buy :)


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